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I hope that by seeing my financial advisor (who is my banker and doesn't charge a fee) my mother will realize that she actually needs to be more frugal than she is. The amount of stuff I have seen her accumulate over the years astounds me. I've tried to paint a picture for her of what life will be like when she has no retirement and keeps accruing credit card debt, but to no avail. At this point, I don't know who can get through to her.
Hmm, I got the impression (obviously wrongly) that your Mom was pretty frugal already. This paints a whole different picture. Your Mom may very well not want you to have a real picture of how much she is spending. That could be contributing to her reluctance to discuss the financial situation. I think encouraging her to sit down with your Dad and an advisor is a great idea, now you just have to get her to do it.

Skatemommy, I totally understand the growing up during the depression mentality. Both my parents did and my father (especially) was a horder with regard to food. We didn't have on 1 of chicken and stars soup, we had 10. And no one actually liked it . My father actually had an addition built onto their house - the upstairs was a family room, the downstairs was storage for cases of soda, canned goods, etc. Half of it got thrown away.