Icenetwork problem - Warning


Just spent an hour on the phone with Icenetwork tech support. I've got a paid subscription but couldn't access any of the videos from Regionals. That worried me because I want to watch NHK on the net. I could still watch 2010 Nationals and older videos.

It seems that the last big Windows update which made it harder for a third party to "hijack" my computer has made it virtually impossible to watch any new videos on Icenetwork. Their tech support people are working on this, but as of right now the only solution is to download and install Mozilla Firefox and Adobe Flash for Firefox. I also had to update Java for Firefox.

The Tech Specialist walked me through all of the steps, but it still took about 50 minutes. Even the Tech Support people at Icenetwork have had to switch to Firefox. He did say that a solution is still being worked out so that people who are using Internet Explorer will be able to watch all the Regionals and NHK, etc., but so far they don't know when it will all be worked out.