View Poll Results: Who is most guilty for Octomom's last 12 implanted embryos ridiculousness?

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  • Suleman: Hellbent on a litter, and this doctor could not have prevented it

    7 6.60%
  • Dr. K: Ignored Suleman's mental issues and his own oath in implanting a dangerous # of embryos

    23 21.70%
  • Both: A perfect storm of baby fever and carelessless

    74 69.81%
  • Kate Gosselin ;-0

    9 8.49%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    The question I asked in regards to your post was my wondering if a doctor could face repercussions for saying no to a patient. I don't know the answer, so I was wondering if he was (or thought he was?) in a position where he could be reprimanded or sued for denying her what she asked for.
    Doctors can be reprimanded (or worse) for saying yes or no to patients, depending on whether what they say violated their codes of professional conduct. In this case, the doctor clearly violated the professional guidelines for his particular speciality. There is no argument about it. The only argument is whether or not he can be sanctioned for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    What I was wondering was that if people felt Nadya was wrong to have children when she was not financially secure, should we then hold that same standard to everyone else?
    And again I say, yes, people do. Read PI; it's a common theme.

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    Some feel that improving one’s life and the lives of others is possibly the main goal of life.
    Some do; some don't. And some don't see this is a situation where either you are passing judgment or you are helping, because it's not an either/or situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    What brings about a more positive change in people’s lives – judgement or help and support?
    Again--how is this an either/or proposition, where you are either passing judgment or helping? A person who has no opinion at all on the subject isn't passing judgment--but neither is that person helping. A person who think Nadya was dead wrong and is willing to say so can still think that her kids need help and send donations to her fund.

    How are YOU helping Nadya?

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    My comment was in response to talk about Nadya not coming off well during the TV show about her. I used SuperNanny as an example of there being many families with struggles. Are we to condemn all families with such large struggles? What point does that serve?
    The entire point of most reality shows is that people behave in ways that are objectionable. What point does it have to watch and NOT condemn? Does that help any more than watching and condemning? In what way is not passing judgment useful in and of itself?

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    We do have the right to do this. But I don’t think that telling “stupid people” that they are doing “stupid things” brings about a change where this no behaviour stop. Instead, I believe more of the same continues to happen.
    And I believe that there are people for whom social repercussions are something of a rein. I think the evidence for that is pretty clear, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    The name of this thread is “Octomom: Who's to blame?”. Isn’t punishment usually the next step after blame?
    A) No and B) again, has anyone here proposed punishing Nadya? If not, then why are you condemning behavior that hasn't occurred?

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    I think very few people (if any) would argue that there is a good reason to do things exactly the Nadya has done. But it’s already happened. She has all these kids. And she needs help. Why are we talking mostly about this single mother instead of talking about how society is not yet at the point that it can support people who are in need?
    Because the thread was inspired by her doctor's hearing? And thus "society" as a whole is a little vague to be applied to a specific situation?

    There have been MANY threads on the subject of society as a whole and how we address people in need in PI, where they belong, so it's not like we as our own little society has ignored the subject. Yet for all our talking about it, we haven't helped that any, either.

    Do you think your posts here are helping Nadya? How so?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veronika View Post
    The bottom line--she was unemployed and did not have $100K to pay for the IVF procedures, much less the cost of raising all of those kids. Why did the doctor(s) foot the bill for her? They are all at fault.
    Technically, she DID have the money for the procedures. She was injured at one of her jobs and got a settlement out of it, and that's supposedly what she used for the IVF. But still... I question her decision to use it for IVF when she didn't have any income coming back in and a larger family to feed.

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