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    Thoughtful and honest interview with YuNa Kim


    Q: How were you injured?

    ▶Kim: Injuries are part of you almost 365 days a year. Athletes always have some sort of injury whether it is minor or major.

    When you do a triple lutz or triple flip you have to pick the ice with your right foot and I’ve been doing those jumps for almost 12 years.

    I practiced those particular jumps the most so perhaps it was about time that an injury caught up with me.

    All that accumulated and ended up developing into an injury. The pain didn’t come suddenly out of the blue.

    The pain just got worse to the point that I went to get it checked out and found out about the injury.

    Q: The Sochi Olympics will be your last competition.

    ▶Kim: I really want to rest, with my injury and all.

    I know it sounds weird to say that I am old, but I’m old for an athlete and I am feeling it.

    When I needed about 60% of my strength to do something in the past, now it’s difficult even giving it my 100%.

    It takes a longer time to recover from injuries and it’s harder to maintain my stamina.

    So I wish that everything ends soon. I want to rest regardless of the results.

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    Thanks Nikki. Always interesting to hear an honest take on the sport. Sounds like the jumps are really taking a toll on her body. She really does not need to return with all her current success and fame but I guess she's doing it for her country. I don't think she will be able to cut all ties to skating. She can help to motivate younger skaters to skating greatness. Hope to see more upcoming Korean skaters in her footsteps. All the best to her.
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