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Sometimes that doesn't even work. I cycle the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway frequently and often encounter walkers who like to spread out across the entire trail. They should be walking single file to begin with. Some of them also don't seem to understand what "passing on your left" means either, or why I am ringing that bell attached to my handlebars as per NYS law.

Couples are the worst; it's like the relationship is threatened if, God forbid, they have to walk single-file. A few weeks ago I was trying to pass a couple on the right (she was walking on the left edge of the trail and he was next to her). I sounded my bell, and the guy moves over towards her and then moves back... before I'd even passed him! I almost went off of the trail, and he's lucky that it was not a point where there was a sloping drop-off or he would've gotten an earful once I had picked myself back up.
Your trails must be narrow! We bike our local trail (just did this morning) and often walk as well. We can walk side by side and still have room for bikes to pass on the left. And I know this is true because we have passed couples walking side by side when we're biking without a space problem as well.