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Ice Dance
August 21st, 2010 19:00 JST or 13:00 EEST

Cathy: Hi, Everybody. We have come back from training! I lose no time in telling the sequel.
The ice dance is changed bigly from this season.
First, the compulsory dance is removed from the competition event of the ice dance.

Chris: Except the competition of ISU, changing the name into the pattern dance, it is performed yet in the competition of the ice dance in each country.

Cathy: Heaving a sigh of relief, she said, "A costume charges seem to be left over a little in this!".

Chris: Next, the original dance is changed a name into the short dance and the required dance which ISU selected is inserted into it together with the element and the rule of the requirement.

Cathy: As for this season, because "Golden Dance" was selected as the required dance, any team must enter one pattern of "Golden Dance" into the program.

Chris: Of course, we must use the music of the beat of waltz as for the part of "Golden Waltz", but can use any music in the other part of it.

Cathy: So, in the short dance in this season, I think that it is interesting because there are various teams, such as the team who uses only a waltz, the team who combines a waltz and a tango and the team who uses a waltz and a pop music.

Chris: Lastly, as for the free dance, but…
There is not the big change, but the music to choose got to be restricted.
Differing from so far, the dramatic music got not to be able to use.
The music must presuppose dance and must have a beat.

Cathy: Therefore, we can not use no longer the music like "Angel and Devil " which we used in last season.

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Ice Dance