1.6 Regional International Competition (e.g. Nordics, Asian Winter Games etc.) or competitions, which are open only for special groups of skaters (e.g. Universiade, events with invitations only to designated Members (except the ISU Grand Prix events), etc.) will not count for the ISU World Standings/Season’s World Ranking (The International Competitions falling into this category will be identified in the Event Calendar published on the ISU website www.isu.org).

I can't remember if the World Team Trophy counted as World Standing..it probably did not.
It did however count as personal best scores ( Caroline Zhang's FP score PB is WTT). I hope that practice is discontinued.
WTT is an invitational...an event that the Chinese pairs cannot likely enter because China does not have strength in the other 3 disciplines, nor can Yu-Na enter as representative of the only strong discipline in Korea at the moment.
My recall as well was that the scores were inflated at the time.

I believe that there should be a 'freeze' on points accumulated at Senior B's during the GP and GPF season...so that teams/singles cannot enter a competition in Graz Austria or Dortmund NRW to access points for a higher start order for the GP series.
They can accumulate the points through Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec...but those points can be held back until the completion of the GPF.

Just a thought.