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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolla5501 View Post

    - They hate having people who don't know them tell them how they should be thinking?
    I don't know if you are speaking in general or are referring to this topic, but I don't think anyone has "told Keauna how she should be thinking". Even if some may have questioned why she's thinking the way she is, that can be looked at as a compliment. If you stop skating and people wonder why, you are probably good and people may think you had more to give to the sport. If a higher level skater quits, usually a discussion like this one is generated because people may recognize or appreciate the skater's talent/potential, find that skater likable or fun to watch, etc., and may wonder what happened. Even if some people's comments may come across as lacking empathy, they probably just don't know or understand what went on. I would take a thread like this as a compliment, not as a bad thing. It's probably more of a bad thing if a skater leaves the sport and nobody cares to say anything.

    If you were making more of general comment... Skaters probably shouldn't read message boards if they get easily insulted or upset. There's no point in letting yourself get worked up over an anonymous person's comments. You never know who is sitting behind the computer screen. But I don't think posters here make a habit of "telling skaters what they should be thinking". A message board is supposed to be a fun place for people to share their opinions.
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