IIRC, Michelle did a short interview about the show in Korea last year. She said to the effect that David Wilson first contacted her, it apparently took some convincing, and she finally relented. It didn't sound like a business negotiation over financial considerations.

I am sure Michelle got whatever amount she deserved in Korea. However, I doubt if she got far more than she would have elsewhere. In other words, I seriously doubt that Michelle said yes just because she could get, say, $3000 more per show than she could have elsewhere.

If they can duplicate the Korean show in the U.S. such that it is a short term engagement with no empty seats and good production, I think Michelle will very likely do it provided that she is healthy. Even if she is offered a bit less money than she can get elsewhere.

However, they cannot sell as many seats unless they offer a discount price. Very little TV money if at all. Little profit for people producing such shows for Michelle. So, I assume there is not a good possibility of Michelle doing a show here in the U.S. very soon.

Michelle is a born performer. I am sure she has been itching to perform and waiting for the right situation.