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Yes, roughly two a year. Wikipedia will tell you lots more about the show than CBS. There's a Wiki page for each of the US seasons (most very detailed), some for the international editions (TAR Asia is a huge success, as well), and an umbrella one (with dozens of related links).
This is great! I spent (wasted) all kinds of time yesterday afternoon looking at the pages for each station. It gives some juicy gossip, like Canaan and Micah broke up during sequester. Awkward! It said that they later got back together.

One thing I didn't realize is how many racers actually screw up completing tasks/reading clues and are penalized for it. A lot of times we don't know because it doesn't affect placement so it's edited out. That explains why sometimes we are as to why some team didn't get a penalty for such and such. Maybe they did, but it just wasn't shown.