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    Quote Originally Posted by nypanda View Post
    Hello. Been a while. Need some advice!

    I have had ongoing and extremely painful sciatica pain for about 6 weeks. Some days it feels like it's a bit better -- then a day or so later, wham! I'm crying when I get out of bed. (oddly - it's the days AFTER I wear sensible shoes that I am in the most pain).

    So I am ready to bite the bullet and go to the chiropractor. But I am SKARED of the chiropractor. I've never been to one. Would anyone mind telling me what a chiropractor visit might entail? Will they take x-rays before they start cracking things? Will it hurt?

    Please spare me the links to the poor woman who died of a stroke immediately after and resulting from a first time neck adjustment. I got that one already.

    Years ago I had really bad lower back pain with a bit of scatica thrown in. I used to do housework as a student so that caused the problem. Later on I worked in a library so there was a lot of lifting of books and boxes involved. It also didn't help that the workplace was very un-safety concious - that is they didn't monitor the way people worked and tried to minimise possible health issues.

    So I went to a chiropractor and every couple of weeks I went to a chiropractor. Work didn't appreciate it because I did it in work hours but they were the ones causing the problem. Looking back on it, it probably really wasn't the solution to the problem.

    Back problems are basically for life. It is how you manage them throughout the rest of the your life that is key. I solved my back problem by taking up skating because it helps strenghten your core.

    I think you would probably get more value out of seeing a physiotherapist or occupational therapist who can analyse what you are doing now which aggravates it. I am not sure what exercise you do because that can really help with back pain. Even walking can help because you are helping core strength. Most people stop exercising when they get back pain whereas exercising is probably what is going to make it better.

    You mention the shoes. I had a great pair of shoes but everytime I wore them I ended up with a sore back. So it could even be the type of footwear which is causing your ankles and feet to destablise which then affects your back. And seeking massage therapy to work on the muscles around the problem area. I would do that before resorting to bone crunching which is what a chiropractor does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sk8starz343 View Post
    I would strongly suggest going to a physical therapist instead of a chiropractor. I work in the PT field and we work with patients with sciatica all the time. We help teach you how to get rid of the pain so you don't have to keep coming back for treatments like you would with a chiropractor.

    I could not AGREE more. I had a chiropractor and he helped for a while, but it seemed the adjustments became less and less effective over time. A physical therapist works with you to actually strengthen yourself and be rid of your issue permanently, it was the one of the best medical decisions I ever made.

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