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Second, and the reason why I've brought up the thread...

CBC Sports ~ Votto Wins Lou Marsh Award

Gutsy choice considering all of the Olympic Gold Medals won on home soil, especially that one won by that Golden Goal of Sidney Crosby, and a certain Bronze Medal won by one courageous lady in Womens Figure Skating (I still think Joannie will be the Canadian Female Athlete of the Year, but that's a discussion for a different thread...) and all of the other accomplishments in Sport by Canadian Athletes over the year. A great choice though.

Congratulations Joey!!! Well Deserved!!
Yeah, that news made my day and also made me considering who he beat out for that award! That is a huge honor and I'm so happy for him. He's such a humble, focused guy who cares so much about being a good player and good teammate and I'm just thrilled for him to win such a big award. Yay Joey!!!