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Caite is pretty darn young, and Carol/Brandy were pretty cruel in mocking her on that first day about her answer at the pagent. That was a national stage embarassment for Caite and I'm sure she doesn't look at that moment with fondness. I can't say I blame her for holding a grudge, especially at her age.

BTW, I thought at the time that the media was cruel for making a big deal of it. Poor kid.
You're right, and I agree with what you've said. However, Caite isn't exactly a likable or even a sympathetic character. Yes, she's immature, but she's not nice. Caite isn't snarky or even entertaining (as Carol and Brandy have been on occasion). She makes it very easy for us to make fun of her because she falls so short in her efforts to make us believe that she's smarter than she appears. Her entire attitude and disposition makes me wonder how she ever got into a beauty pageant in the first place.

On the other hand, Jordan (of Big Brother) has to have said some of the most ridiculous things ever picked up by a microphone (i.e. her mixing up Noah's ark and Joan of Ark). Yet, we love her, and though she was totally endearing, you can't help but to wonder how she ever got through school. It's amazing how differently we look at these two girls.