Young Artists Showcase 2

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    Challenge 1 - Make em Smile

    The entries have been uploaded to youtube. You can view them from this link. Viewer voting has also begun. Instructions for viewer voting can be found in the playlist 'YAS 2012 for all to see'.
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    Hi, for those interested in viewing the latest compositions created by young choreographers, you can view the newest submissions here on Youtube:

    To vote for any of the submissions, you need to state in your comment box, " I vote for ..." Otherwise the comments will be treated as comments and won't be tallied for the audience score.

    Garrett Kling received the highest score from the judges for this number
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    Judges: Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov, Michael Weiss, Tammie Campbell, and Sarah Kawahara for this week

    Grassroots Division:
    Amanda Hoffman with Aimee

    Piercyn Hunt – four unidentified skaters

    Erynn Komes with Emily

    Samantha Stevens with Gabby, Mikaela, Kiki

    Katerina Tetzloff with Shannon Brakke, Cailyn Johnson, and Sarah Santee

    Felicia Beck with Roberta Victoria Korycinski and Melanie Braund

    Adam Blake with Marina Bystryakova, Kate Gauthier, and Taiki Masaki

    Mirielle Chambers –with Melissa Jaggers

    Garrett Kling with Kayla Grayson and Jodi Haller

    Robert Mauti with Sean Sawyer

    Heather McLaughlin -- Skaters: Sami McCain, Gina DeNatale, China Loza

    Emily Tuttle -- Skaters: Emily Hivick, Anna Johnson, Lydia Johnson, Ashleigh Welch

    Diana-lynne Webster Wells with Brenda Tarkington and Isabell Louise Valdez Montoya

    Go to this site for access to all programs and for judges comments:

    Tom Dickson's comments for Challenge 2: Body and Blade were very interesting
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    Totally agree on that - I think I learned more in his five minute discussion on body positioning than I've ever learned in my lessons.

    Thanks for doing these - I've been enjoying watching.
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    This is interesting! :D

    ps. one of the competitors is a friend of my daughter.:lol:
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    The judges scores and comments are being posted on Youtube:

    Viewers can vote for their favorite numbers, but the instructions say that you must state "I vote for xxx." in order for you vote to be counted. The view scores do count along with the judges scores.