X Mini Europa 2014 - 02-04/05, Warsaw, Poland

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    Mini Europa is an international competition for younger skaters, held annually in Warsaw, Poland. This year, it will be celebrating its tenth anniversary. :)

    Since ISU does not have any regulations for pre-Novice categories, the competition will use the PFSA's system with the younger skater being separated into Bronze, Silver and Gold categories.

    This year the Novice and Junior categories will also be taking place.

    The entry lists are pretty impressive. 63 Bronze Girls (36 of which from Belarus!), 7 Bronze Boys, 35 Silver Girls (20 from Belarus), 7 Silver Boys, 23 Gold Girls, 4 Gold Boys, 15 Novice Girls, 2 Novice Boys, 15 Junior Ladies and 1 Junior Man. I guess some of those skaters probably won't turn up though. The majority of skaters come from Eastern and Central Europe but there's also one girl from Netherlands.

    I imagine there might be a YouTube channel with all of the competition videos, per PFSA's policy.

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