What did the halfway point bonus mean for short programs?

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    The isu wanted more balanced sp's so they did the halfway point bonus in them. Some skaters didn't use it at all some some did 1/2 layout but mostly everyone in sp did a 2/1 layout of jumps. Did Sps seem more balanced with later jumps or were just most jumps timed for the 1:15 mark and there were no really late sp ending jumps?

    Hanyu had 1/2 layout and he was setting all the records!

    Chan had 2/1 but then he set the record.

    Who was better?

    Half of chan's winning margin came from .6 bump in 3lz value in 3lz in second half. But ten did a midpoint 3/3 so he got a bonus in the sp too.

    Did you see better short programs?
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    To be honest, I barely noticed it. I guess with the SP being so short it wasn't as jarring as the long breaks a lot of skaters take in the LP before they start their bonus jumping.