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  1. gkelly

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    Who are some skaters who demonstrated an ability to interpret several different styles of music with different types of movement styles over the course of their competitive careers?

    Can you find at least three contrasting styles among their competitive oeuvre?

    And then feel free to show even more contrast with exhibition or professional programs.

    I'll start with Lu Chen:

    Last Emperor

    Rach 2

    Take Five

    Adios Nonio

    Butterfly Lovers
  2. fenway2

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    Nicole Bobek and Kurt Browning immediately come to mind.
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  3. iggie

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    versatility in kurt's pro career... i would do the same for his competitive career but ... we'll see

    Kurt Browning - Rag-GIDON-Time

    Kurt Browning - Nyah

    Kurt Browning - Brick House

    Kurt Browning - Serenade To Sonia

    Kurt browning doing singing in the rain

    Kurt Browning - Antares

    Kurt Browning 1990 Tall in the Saddle "Lake of Dreams"

    Kurt Browning "That's Entertainment"

    "I'm Yours" Kurt Browning

    Kurt Browning, Cowboy Xmas

    Kurt Browning 1999 CSOI Aint No Sunshine

    Kurt Browning - Red Hat Trick

    Kurt Browning Shae Lynn Bourne 2010 Shall We Dance On Ice

    Kurt Browning - Feeling Good

    Kurt Browning with Kenny G

    Kurt Browning & Takahiko Kozuka - SOI Japan Tour 2012

    Kurt Browning - Expectation & the Blues

    2011 HFOI Kurt Browning - Christmas Time Is Here

    Kurt Browning - Hey Pachuco 1995 CSOI

    Kurt Browning 1997 SOI Hockey skates

    Kurt Browning Luck Be A Lady 2010 CSOI (on hockey skates too, just to compare)

    [2011.8.14] All That Skate Summer / Kurt Browning - Honey

    Jitterbug (aka Gabe's Toybox) - Kurt Browning - 2006 Canadian Stars on Ice
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  4. iggie

    iggie Well-Known Member

    kurt's competitive career... here's three. i know kurt mainly by his pro career.

    Kurt Browning: Casablanca 1994 Canadians LP

    Kurt Browning (CAN) - 1992 Albertville, Men's Original Program

    Kurt Browning (CAN) - 1988 Worlds, Men's Long Program

    here are a few exhibitions during his competitive years...

    Kurt Browning 1990 Worlds Ex, Here I Am / She's Hot To Go

    Kurt Browning 1991 Worlds Ex, Charlie Brown

    Kurt Browning 1991 Worlds Ex, Johnny Guitar

    Kurt Browning 1990 Worlds Ex, Bring Him Home

    Kurt Browning 1993 Skate Canada - What A Wonderful World
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  5. gkelly

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  6. triple_toe

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    Daisuke Takahashi: Tangos, Mambo, Hip-Hop, Classical warhorses (Romeo and Juliet, Phantom of the Opera), character pieces (La Strada), modern (In the Garden of Souls), Blues... and he rocked all of them! :swoon:

    Stephane Lambiel has really improved and gotten much more versatile as the years go on. He is a fab show skater. Just look at Ne Me Quitte Pas, his Flamenco long from 2007, his Wilhelm Tell short, his Ray Charles exhibition, etc. All very different.
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  7. Aussie Willy

    Aussie Willy Well-Known Member

    I always thought Robin Cousins was very versatile. He could pretty much do anything.

    Scott Hamilton has a great sense of humour but can also do something really thoughtful.
  8. Zemgirl

    Zemgirl Well-Known Member

    Savchenko and Szolkowy - the versatility is part of the appeal, I think; it seems like Steuer is always trying to come up with something new and interesting for them, and they don't really repeat themselves, at least not often. Pina was nothing like Pink Panther, which certainly wasn't a repeat of Out of Africa, which didn't look like Schindler's List or L'Oiseau... etc.
  9. dinakt

    dinakt Well-Known Member

    Don't forget Abbott. How differently he responds to different music is a big part of what I love about him. This year's programs are a case in point, but he tried something stylistically different pretty much in every program in every years since he became Senior. We had classical ( and within classical music, there was classical period ( Mozart), Romantic (Saint-Saens), 20th century (Waltz program from 2008) and even semi- fake Baroque ( Albinoni); there was jazz, swing, two very different types of Tango/ Flamenco , Rock (Santana) an very different Progressive Rock with the Muse... a couple of movie sountracks ( "Life is Beautiful" and "American Beauty")
    Jeremy truly refuses to compromise on his music choices.
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  10. BreakfastClub

    BreakfastClub Active Member

    Don't forget quiet, subtle (Amelie, The Crisis), new age (Secret Garden, Luv Letter) and...


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  11. Jenny81

    Jenny81 Active Member


    Here she is!!!
    Yes!! Yuna Kim!!! :respec:

    From "Tango" to "Korean traditional music".

    - Tango : "El Tango de Roxanne"

    - Classical music 1 (soft style) : "The Lark Ascending"

    - Classical music 2 (strong style) : "Dance Macabre"

    - Modern Classical music : "Piano Concerto in F major"

    - Waltz : "Die Fledermaus"

    - Musical : "Miss Saigon"

    - beautiful Ballad 1 : "Reflection"

    - beautiful Ballad 2 : "Only hope"

    - beautiful Ballad 3 : "Gold"

    - Hip hop / Rock / dance music 1 : "Just a girl"

    - Hip hop / Rock / dance music 2 : "Don't stop the music"

    - Hip hop / Rock / dance music 3 : "Bulletproof"

    - Hip hop / Rock / dance music 4 : "Fever"

    - Opera / Ballet 1 : "Scheherazade"

    - Opera / Ballet 2 : "Meditation from Thais"

    - Opera / Ballet 3 : "Giselle"

    - Film's OST : "007"

    - Korean traditional music : "Homage to Korea"

    Oh.... I really miss her. :wuzrobbed
  12. spikydurian

    spikydurian Well-Known Member

    Cheer up Jenny81 .. :) I miss her too! :(

    IMO, Kurt Browning and Jeremy Abbot.
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  13. paskatefan

    paskatefan Well-Known Member

    Kurt & Kristi!
  14. Jenny81

    Jenny81 Active Member


    Oh... Kurt....:encore:
    I love this nice guy so much. :rockstar:
  15. kwanatic

    kwanatic Well-Known Member

    Michelle Kwan :D. She had the ability to pull of lyrical music, music that was power driven, dramatic music, contemporary music, and even music that was just kind of odd.

    Everyone knows these so I won't bother with too many links.:)

    Lyra Angelica (lyrical)
    Salome, Dream of Desdemona (dramatic/telling a story)
    Tosca, Feeling Begins (powerful)
    East of Eden (a combination of lyrical and powerful)
    Bad Love, A Day in the Life (contemporary)
    Sceherazade, Black Swan (ballet)
    Red Violin (very different; cross b/w powerful and haunting - by far the most unique program she ever one since has come close to pulling off this music)

    As for Michelle's exhibitions, a lot of them were quiet, introspective or emotional:

    Dante's Prayer
    Winter (Tori Amos "Winter", not "Winter Song")
    Fields of Gold
    You Raise Me Up

    Those were my favorites:swoon:...but she also had some ballads:

    One More Time
    Beautiful World
    Kissing You
    This Time Around (power ballad - much bigger vocals; harder to pull off without getting run over by the music. I love Yu-Na to bits but her "Gold" exhibition, a power ballad by the same singer (Linda Eder) falls short of hitting the mark...the music was bigger than the performance.)

    And a few contemporary/popular music ones:

    The World is Not Enough
    This Used to be My Playground

    Michelle never had a problem pulling off music. She's one of the few who could take any piece, adjust her style to it and then make it shine.:encore::respec:
  16. kwanatic

    kwanatic Well-Known Member

    The single most fan-girl scream worthy thing I've EVER seen from any male skater. This was sheer brilliance! The set, the choreography, Kurt's piddle-worthy edging and performing...:swoon::swoon::swoon:

    I never get tired of watching this. I just remember back when skating specials like these were on every other weekend. Kurt doing this, Michelle's Mulan and Disney Princesses specials, and I remember the Wizard of Oz one they did staring Oksana Baiul too...aah, those were the days.
  17. Teenes

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    Great list, izzie!

    Just to throw a few other Kurt pro programs into the mix:

    All Alone (Joe Satriani) - 1994 Canadian Stars on Ice

    Slippery Side Up - 2003 Stars on Ice

    Don't Fence Me In - 2000 Stars on Ice

    Passion (The Feeling Begins) - 2004 World Team Challenge (sorry for the commercials, it's not on YouTube)

    Masks and Morning Dance - 1998 World Pros

    Peace Frog (The Doors) - 2005 Ice Wars

    Downstream (Supertramp) - 2010-11 Stars on Ice
  18. briancoogaert

    briancoogaert Well-Known Member

    I totally agree that she was versatile during her competitive career. Although I don't find her particularly musical. And as a pro, I think she was not very interesting ! So, I guess her choreographers were really good.
  19. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Julia, Elena, Anna, Liza, and Vera

    (In addition to those already mentioned)

    I can't post any links because I am at work, but the following came to my mind:

    Berezhnaya-Sikharulidze: Extremely versatile pair. They could skate to music like Concert for Coloratura (LP), Citylights(LP), Meadowland (SP), Swan Lake (SP), Happy Valley (SP), Barcelona (ex), Red poppy (pro), The kid/Chaplin (ex/pro).

    Kristi Yamaguchi as a pro: She could skate so many different styles of music and programs (Beethoven, Romeo & Juliet, Bridge over troubled water, doop doop, etc.)

    Ilia Kulik: He experimented a lot as a pro and came up with lots of creative programs to unusual music (e.g. The hat, green tomatoes), but he could also skate to Lieberstraum and the Nutcracker.

    Robin Cousins: As a pro he was one of the most creative skaters. He could skate a program like Satan takes a holiday, and also a program with just prose (no music).

    Viktor Petrenko: As a pro he skated to many different kinds of music. Some of them were fun (Business of love, the doll program), although I did not care for some others. I feel his style was more suited for classical music, but he could skate to other kinds of music too.
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  20. nashvilledancer

    nashvilledancer New Member

    To add to dinakt's list, Jeremy's recent exhibitions have ranged from Plain White Ts "Rhythm of Love" (AKA "The Hat Number"), Adele's "Hometown Glory", Buble (At This Moment), to Bedingfield (Gotta Get Through This). And for his competitve programs, add the Beatles (Day in the Life). He even skated to Aranjuez--Monty Alexander's jazz version.

    Kurt is untouchable in his range as a professional, but I'd say Jeremy can give ANY amateur male skater a run for his money.
  21. Moka-Ananas

    Moka-Ananas Man's Ruin

    Alexander Abt comes to mind. He has skated to so many different musical styles...classical, folk, Flamenco, soundtracks...
  22. Yagudinah

    Yagudinah New Member

    Master of the dramatic and the heroic:

    “Revolutionary Etude"
    Lawrence of Arabia

    Man in the iron mask:

    But in command of many other styles:

    The circus piece: playful

    Overcome: …. No words for it

    Winter: more subtle

    Racing: modern



    Bumbarash: folk/traditional


    Burn my shadow: artymodern

    In pairs:

    Rough: The last survivor:

    Modern classic:

    Just acting cute:

    If only I had chosen a different name, it wouldn't smell of favouritism :)
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  23. PashaFan

    PashaFan Well-Known Member

    If I could only watch one more skating programe it would be Michelle Kwan skating to Dante's Prayer :)
  24. VarBar

    VarBar Well-Known Member

    Yagudin is one of the very few skaters who can bring true acting on the ice playing a wide variety of characters as convincingly. A great talent IMO.:)
  25. kwanatic

    kwanatic Well-Known Member

    Ditto. That's my favorite one. :saint:
  26. vodkashot

    vodkashot Active Member

    ITA for Takahashi and Lambiel! I think Jeffrey Buttle was quite versatile too: he did classical (Samson and Delilah, Rachmaninoff, Glen Gould tribute, etc), jazz (Sing, Sing, Sing, Take Five), as well as rather unique pieces such as Ararat and Naqoyqatsi. And that's not counting his exhibitions either.......
  27. Vash01

    Vash01 Fan of Julia, Elena, Anna, Liza, and Vera

  28. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    Sasha definitely belongs to this category of skaters – add Tango, Reggae, Chanson to this list. Here is an exhibition number where he switches style within 5 minutes:

    And he seemed to be quite versatile when he was till pretty young, despite the boys developing musicality usually a bit later than the girls. :)
  29. Katarzyna

    Katarzyna Well-Known Member

    YES! I’m currently making a collection of my all-time favourite programmes in each discipline (= classical off-season task :D) and when I downloaded their programmes one of the first things that came to my mind is how versatile they are. Here are some of their programmes with very different styles:

    Had the pleasure to see the last one live at some show. It was awesome! :inavoid:

    Another Russian skater that comes to my mind is Ilia Klimkin - will post videos later on! :)
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  30. Fashionista

    Fashionista New Member

    Kwan and B/S could skate to different music styles and themes but their programs and interpretations always looked the same to me. Chaplin program stood out for B/S however. Or should I say it stood out for Anton as long as Elena was the same as always.