Time to tell about yourself on and off the Ice.

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by FSWer, May 13, 2012.

  1. FSWer

    FSWer Well-Known Member

    Say,I thought it might be fun today to tell each other about ourselves...on and off the Ice. Please use the following Format. I'll start....

    On-Ice = I think of myself as just that..and call myself....On-Ice-Skater. I also think of myself as a Natual!!

    Off-Ice = LOL,I do Off-Ice-Training. I also love to read and go on my computer. I am also a very active (I'm an Adult,but I call myself a) kid. I go to a Respite Group.

    I guess at this point there's not much more to say,unless I think of something. Ok my Friends...your turn!!!
  2. AndyWarhol

    AndyWarhol Well-Known Member

    Um, on ice, i skate...

    Off ice, I go to work (i work in photography, styling and PR), hang out with friends (usually with a bottle of wine) and watch a couple of tv shows (gossip girl, make it or break it, mad men.)
  3. misskarne

    misskarne #408

    On ice...I skate, I work hard, and I would never consider myself a "natural" because to think that way is very cocky and arrogant imo. You can be natural all you like, but no-one gets anywhere in this sport without hard work.

    Off ice...I work part-time at a hardware store while desperately looking for a real job and writing little articles for a local rag.
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  4. Synchkat

    Synchkat New Member

    On ice I am a dancer. I do synchro as well and stroking classes on my own but I will always be a dancer.

    Off ice I am a stay at home mom. I love to bake goodies and cakes and I think I have a bit of talent in decorating them so I guess I am an amateur baker as well.
  5. scootie12

    scootie12 New Member

    On the ice, I skate LOL. I'm now a 2x adult champ in the intermediate/novice championship event. Looking to do senior next year......if my double axel ever comes back, but I haven't worked back on them yet :) I am a former skater of 10 years, and quit in late 2001. At the time I had a double axel, and could do a triple salchow and loop. I returned to skating in late 2009, and have only trained myself back to all doubles except the axel. Time to up the ante :)

    Off the ice I am a CFO of a high-end corporation.

    No, I don't get much sleep ;)
  6. julianaqtpi

    julianaqtpi New Member

    On the ice I'm skating... I'm a freeskater but also ice dancer and synchro skater. I've been skating for almost 7 years, and landing all my doubles except double axel. I'm competing Intermediate level, working on Novice moves, working on my last Pre-silver and Silver ice dances.

    Off-ice I'm just finishing up my first year of high school, 9th grade. I'm in all advanced classes if possible (Honors classes or a year ahead or both). I have a lot of friends but I'm not "popular", as in I don't have much of a social life except during school. I run for endurance/stamina training and I stretch (mostly) every day. I'm not flexible but I'm working on it. I'm excited for this summer when I can skate nearly every day and not worry about homework and school drama.
  7. FSWer

    FSWer Well-Known Member

    Gosh!!!! It sounds like you are a really hard working Skater Juli!!!! I really envy you!!! As I've always wondered what it would be like to have a life like yours.
  8. Jozet

    Jozet Well-Known Member

    On Ice - I'm an adult beginner (even after two years of skating. Hard to get time to be on the ice.)

    Off Ice - I'm a writer, work in a bookstore, mom to three very active kids (the reason I don't get my own time to be on the ice. :) ) My eldest is an Intermediate level skater. Middle kiddo wants nothing to do with skating and is our soccer/clarinet/theater/Girl Scout Renaissance girl. Youngest is 5 and is proud to have just "mastered" the snowplow stop. :-D
  9. julianaqtpi

    julianaqtpi New Member

    Juliana please, not Juli.... Yeah, it's sort of hard, but I don't get tons of homework most days, and I only skate 8-10 hrs per week in the school year, so not awful. Two of my friends are gymnasts and they have practice every day for like 4 hours, and pretty much all day on Saturdays, and they're both better students than me! My best friend is a dancer, and she dances like 25 hours per week, and she's in the same classes I am, and really smart! Skating/gymnastics/dance really teaches good time management, like doing homework in class and during a 5 minute break and everything. It's great on days where I have no homework except studying, because I don't really study, and no skating practice, because I get to slow down and catch up with life, like today. Final exams today and tomorrow, so yesterday and today both I have no homework except studying, and last day of school tomorrow! Then I can skate all day, haha! As for skating, I started when I was 8, so I'm lucky enough that I'm sort of naturally talented and landed all of my double jumps within a year and a half of landing my axel, so that really sped up my skating, I'm competing against friends who started two years before I did! I'm testing my European Waltz, my last pre-silver dance, next Saturday, a week and a half from now. Eeek! Good luck with all your skating!