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The rise of the Philippines in figure skating

Discussion in 'Great Skate Debate' started by AlexDSSF, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Seerek

    Seerek Well-Known Member

    Gaby Panlilio competed this past week at ISU World Development Trophy in Kuala Lumpur:

    Basic Novice A Girls: 4th Place (34.86)

    Currently, Gaby is probably the best 12-and-under singles skater in all of South East Asia.
    Hopefully the Philippine federation finds a way to further her development so that she could make some inroads in Junior Competition within the next 2-4 years.
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  2. feraina

    feraina Well-Known Member

    I can understand why Chris Caluza is still so upset/bitter about the whole thing. I used to see him practice often at rinks around San Diego (I'm not living there now so I don't know if he still skates). He seemed like a nice, humble guy who worked very hard. Must be so tough to work so hard and burn through so much money to get to a high level, only to have your federation not support you or give you a fair chance, when its something that you've lived for all your life.

    Maybe it has something to do with cultural differences too. In America we expect a fair and transparent process for things like Olympic selection (not to say that there's no politics at all), whereas in asian cultures it's more about personal connections and 'face'. Maybe Chris offended someone in the Philippines federation at some point without even knowing it.

    Of course it's better for his own happiness if he can just let go. But not all young people at that age can be so zen about these things. It's such a shame too, because he was still on an upward trajectory when he quit. He must feel like he could've still achieved more in this sport if his federation would let him compete and if money wasn't such an issue.

    I hope as the phillipines federation matures, it can develop more transparent/consistent rules for international assignments. That would definitely help to avoid future cases like chris and Marissa's. it can't be good for the federation to wage war with half of its top athletes. They might end up like Puerto Rico one day (suspended) due to the lack of high level competitors.
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  3. Zemgirl

    Zemgirl Well-Known Member

    Caluza's social media sniping about Martinez is neither nice nor humble. He's just more subtle about it than Bulanhagui was, but she deserves a lot of credit for owning up to her mistake and apologizing.

    At the time of the Nebelhorn assignment, Martinez was higher in the world standings, had a better PB, and was a few months off of a fifth-place finish at JW (where he finished ahead of some pretty good skaters). It made sense to send a younger, local, more promising skater to the Olympic qualifier, and once he'd qualified a spot, it also made sense to select him. American skaters who choose to represent smaller federations should do so with the understanding that assignments may not be done the same way as in the US and Nationals do not have as much weight.
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  4. twicken

    twicken New Member

    I disagree

    I don't get how Caluza didn't get support from the Philippine fed or the comparison to the States? He was sent to 3 World while Martinez was not until this year. Caluza was given a chance to get the olympic spot at worlds and he failed placing last. Martinez won the spot at Nebelhorn fair and square and having higher jump difficulty and total score than Caluza internationally was sent to the Olympics. It made much more sense to send Martinez. Just like it made more sense to send Ashley over Mirai in the States.

    Talking about fairness Martinez skated his whole life for the Philippines at that time Caluza just switched federation 2 years before. Melissa let out her grievances towards her federation (something a sort of understand) and has since apologized but Caluza lets out his frustration to fellow skaters and continues to. To me its him that needs to mature!
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  5. Artistic Skaters

    Artistic Skaters Drawing Figures

    Filipino skater Martinez bags gold in Triglav competition :


    11-year-old Pinay places fourth in World Development figure skating :


    Basic articles with their recent competition results, however, I'm glad to see they are continuing to get recognition by the press. Hopefully it will help build some momentum & encourage more skating.
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  6. ERP

    ERP New Member

    Seerek, thank you for your kind words about Gaby. Are you from PH?
  7. Artistic Skaters

    Artistic Skaters Drawing Figures

    *** Martinez bags gold in Triglav Trophy :

  8. Artistic Skaters

    Artistic Skaters Drawing Figures

    Some more news articles about Michael Martinez -

    *** Martinez working on new routine, quadruple jump :


    *** Michael Martinez eyeing gold when figure skating makes SEA Games debut in 2017 :


    *** WATCH: Michael Martinez puts on figure skating exhibition :

  9. Sylvia

    Sylvia Club comp. season is here!

    Re-posting 2 videos from the Programs/Choreographers thread:
    Martinez skated an exhibition of his new free skate (sounds like the music is all from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet) on Thursday, June 25 at SM Megamall in Ortigas, Metro Manila, Philippines - performance starts right after the 3-minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5aQV45M6Os
    I assume Nikolai Morozov choreographed his programs in New Jersey in May/June.

    Another local article on Martinez (typos corrected/bolded in the excerpt by me): http://www.bworldonline.com/content...-for-figure-skater-michael-martinez&id=110808
    Martinez's listed competitions include 2 club competitions in July (Los Angeles Open & Skate Detroit), 1 regular Senior B (Asian Trophy in Bangkok, Aug. 5-8), 3 Challenger Senior B competitions (U.S. Classic, Finlandia Trophy, Golden Spin of Zagreb) and 1 Grand Prix (Cup of China).
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  10. Artistic Skaters

    Artistic Skaters Drawing Figures

    Lots of articles about Michael Martinez lately. This one has updates about skates, costumes & even an MRI. :)

    *** Martinez sets lofty goals :

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  11. Sylvia

    Sylvia Club comp. season is here!

  12. Artistic Skaters

    Artistic Skaters Drawing Figures

    *** Martinez mulls options after therapy :