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    Premier Membership pricing is charged at the following rates, this gives access to the entire board including the Archives.

    3 months - $11 USD

    6 Months - $21 USD

    12 months - $38 USD

    2 years - $63 USD

    Everyone will have the same features available and everyone will have room for 1000 PMs.

    Current Exchange Rates for CAN$/EUR/GB£/AUD are current as of today. (XE Currency)

    They can be purchased here by Paypal

    Postal Payments can be made in Euros (Contact Allezfred) USD (Contact Prancer) or GBP (Contact Me)

    No ads, up to 1000 Private Messages can be stored, access to all forums, search function vbookies, reputation (until the software move!) etc etc


    Season Passes which give access to the Kiss and Cry Area up until the end of the current season (Usually March 31st) (length can be anything up to a year depending on when it's bought) will remain at $15.00 USD, the perks with that remain the same.

    (No Ads, Increased PMs, Search Function, Access to Kiss and Cry from July 1- March 31 (When closed to non subscribers)

    Thanks for supporting FSU!
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    Nov 3, 2001
    I just noticed this morning that my premium access had expired, so I couldn't access K&C. Since I didn't have enough funds in paypal (the transfer from bank account into paypal takes a few days), I just renewed for 3 months, and will add funds to it to make it a longer subscription. Do I have to wait until the 3 months have passed or can I do it much earlier (like in a week or two)?
  3. Veronika

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    Feb 4, 2002
    My premium access is still listing as active, but I cannot view K&C or Sekret