Renewed Krasobru (Czech Figure Skating Site)

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    Hello guys :),

    I dont like to do selfmarketing in the forums but as this forum is for fans of figure skating and as my webpage is non-commercial I thought it could be nice idea to share my figure skating webpage with you.:biggrin: Maybe you have heard about it already?, The Czech Figure Skating page was online since 2003. Last two years I have been quite busy so I didn't have time for updates but finally I got the time and voila! I renewed the page and gave it much of a modern twist. ALSO, as almost 1/3 of my guests are non czech speaking I have included a possibility to switch the page to multiple languages (thanks god for Google Translate :D) for you!

    so, WELCOME to

    If you have any ideas how to make this page better, feel free to share it with me.

    I am sorry for such a selfcommercial, but it is off season...and am bored! :DD

    Have a great day and great time while wating for the new figure skating season.:p :dog:
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