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    On that US test they're called back power threes.
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    For the back power 3-turn, it helps a lot if you try keep the 3-turn as straight and flat as possible instead of round and curly. It also helps a LOT to keep the toes of your free leg really pointed. I think that's the best tip anyone ever gave me, because somehow it just keeps my whole body under control! This is a good salchow setup because it forces you to check your rotation before taking off on the salchow. When you do a salchow from a LFO 3-turn, it's too tempting to just take off on the jump like it's part of the turn instead of controlling that LBI edge first.
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    ah, I heard the name before but never knew what was meant by it.

    I like the test videos you posted. It is interesting to get some new ideas what to practice on, seeing that I almost never have anyone giving me tipps!! :)

    Good, I will try that with the pointed toes. It makes sense - I notice in many other positions that it helps to have everything under stretch and that it helps to point ones toes as it helps to keep the leg under suspense.