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    In the thread about favorite step sequences, someone brought up Petr Barna and posted this absolutely :swoon: worthy performance of his sp from 1989 Europeans. I could watch it all day. Petr's performance IMO should win gold among today's men, even without the god-almighty quad!

    This performance brought back wonderful memories of Petr. I had the chance to meet him once when he was touring with COI. He was very down to earth and approachable. He has a great sense of humor and a sweet smile.

    It would be nice if manleywoman ever got the opportunity to interview Petr. I checked online and found the following website for Petr, which indicates that he has been coaching for awhile. Apparently he coached in the United States for 16 years, and he has since opened his own skating school. The location doesn't appear to be listed on his website. I wonder if it's located in the United States or Europe. He says on his website that he combines the positives from the teaching systems that he learned in his country and in the United States.

    Under the "Coaching" link on Petr's website he mentions:

    Very wise words, indeed!

    Under "Results" there are photos of Petr's students, one of whom appears to be his daughter.

    **Further checking online shows that Petr may be located in Palm Harbor, Florida, as the Director of Skating Ventures of Florida, Inc.
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    The bottom of the website page says that the school is in Basel, Switzerland. What a beautiful location.

    Petr was a wonderful skater. I met him briefly at a qualifying competition here in the U.S. and he was very nice.

    No doubt that he has many fans here at FSU who wish him well in his new endeavor. I sure do!
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    ^^ Oh, thanks Bosha. The bottom of the webpage for some reason was cut off on my computer's view. Maybe Petr incorporated his company in Florida, but the school is located in Switzerland. It did seem as if most of the students whose photos appear on the website are from and compete in Europe.

    Yes, Petr is an intriguing skater. I always enjoyed watching him skate, and he was a pleasure to meet and talk with too. :)
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    That program was just great. Thank you for sharing it.
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    OMG :swoon: that was such a wonderful performance. What a gem of a skater he is. Such musicality, dancibility, and flow! Thank you for sharing!!
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    Oh, I loved his Chaplin program!
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    WOW; a name I've always heard but a skater I've never seen. Great performance. I just went and watched his Olympic LP too - loved it!