One Day We May Actually Be Able To Record Our Dreams!!

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  1. walei

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    I read a lot of science experiments here and there but this particular one really struck me!

    Of course this isn't just limited to dream recording but I am mostly ... anxious/terrified/excited to see the dream recording possibility.

    Most of the times I can remember one or two dreams a night, but I think (correct me if I'm wrong) on average people dream 4 dreams a night and most of them won't be remembered when they wake up.

    Just to think, a way to see what we dreamed! It's exciting and terrifying!!! What if I record them and the dreams I can't remember are the ones where I'm slaughtering puppies or something... can really let people SEE their subconscious!
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  2. missflick

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    Gah! I don't want people to find out what weird, sicko dreams I have! :scream:

    (Most of my dreams are like movies: I am rarely in them)
  3. BigB08822

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    This would be the most fascinating thing ever but I doubt it ever really comes to fruition in my lifetime, at least on a scale for a peon like myself to have access.