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    They could have submitted several names as substitutes as other countries usually do. (unless the winners were very unexpected?)
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    They sent the two junior skaters that did well at Nationals in December. It is somewhat fair for once.
    The dates for Junior Nationals are so stupid. Don't tell me they can't run this competition earlier.
  3. Sylvia

    Sylvia On to JR Worlds in Tallinn!

    Fan cam videos of the 2015 Junior national dance medalists:

    1 Angelique ABACHKINA / Louis THAURON PFV FRA 121.62 1 1
    Short Dance & Free Dance

    2 Sarah-Marine ROUFFANCHE / Geoffrey BRISSAUD LSG FRA 113.14 2 2
    Short Dance & Free Dance

    3 Adelina GALYAVIEVA / Laurent ABECASSIS LSG FRA 112.00 3 3
    Short Dance & Free Dance
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    I enjoyed watching Daria Popova and her new partner, Andrei Novoselov, at the Challenge Cup:

    Even though they came in last place they tried difficult elements, and I respect that, they just need time and work work work.

    Also wondering what Brian Joubert is up to these days? Disappointed he didn't give pairs a try on the big amateur stage. He's probably kicking himself now after seeing how terrific Valentina Marchei is with Ondrej Hotarek...
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    There's a great interview with P/C over at Absolute Skating !
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    Thanks for the link - glad Daria is moving forward with her new partnership.

    As for Brian, he's been busy doing lots of shows. He just finished the Danse avec les stars tour in France (which Nathalie Pechalat also took part in) and will be participating in the French skating tour in April, Denis Ten's show in Kazakhatan, Plushenko's Snow King, and the Fantasy on Ice shows in Japan. No wonder Gerboldt found it difficult to find time to train with him!

    I'm glad to see recently retired skaters keeping busy and earning money through shows though, especially after all those hard years of training!