Is This Kid on Wheaties, or What?

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    Wowsa, Nathan Chen!

    U.S. National Junior Men's Champion 2012 :respec:

    The judges "couldn't refuse him."

    Lots of wonderful skaters. Philip Warren, who won the Junior men's bronze medal, has a unique style. Some of his on-ice moves and mannerisms in the kiss 'n cry remind me of Ricky Dornbush (both are trained by coach Tammy Gambill).

    Even tho' he didn't place very high, I kinda fell in love with Ryan Hartley -- lots of energy and determination. When Jay Yostanto's sp music to The Untouchables came on, I immediately thought of Derrick Delmore's very memorable skate to this music, which won him Junior Worlds many years ago. Then I saw that Derrick is one of Jay's coaches (along with Karen Kwan -- or maybe she is his choreographer?).

    Fun to see the up-and-coming youngsters.