I'm coming to Toronto!

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  1. Loves_Shizuka

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    This is a cheer/congratulate/Canada thread!! I'm too excited to keep quiet about it. I got my working visa approval today, and am entering the country in Janaury! :rollin:

    I probably have loads of irritating questions to ask, but right now I'm just too giddy :rofl: I wanna talk to some Torontonians!
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  2. Buzz

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    Well you have been talking to one for a while now. ;) Cognratulations and hope you enjoy our lovely city. Be sure to pack lots of warm clothing because January is a very COLD month. :lol:
  3. KatieC

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    I was born in Toronto - does that count? Still don't live far away, just enough to get cranky about the drivers there. And pedestrians! But wishing you an early welcome - you'll have to get tickets to a Leaf's game. And Toronto is a lot warmer than Winnipeg or Regina in January.