Granite State Challenge

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    It's an academic high school competition on TV but it's also on YouTube. You get to see how smart the kids are(way to go, kids) or how lacking (damn you, you educators). Very enjoyable. Massachusetts has a similar yearlong competition but it's not on YouTube, just on TV AFAIK
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    Good to know it's still around on New Hampshire Public Television (Channel 11). I used to watch it growing up in the Boston area whenever we could (barely) get an antenna signal for it. :cheer2:

    In Boston, Channel 5 used to have a televised quiz show every once in a while and, as a freshman in high school, I was the alternate for my school's team (all seniors). Turns out the seniors lost badly, and the questions they missed were all ones I would have gotten. :shuffle:

    Our school shifted its focus to Academic Decathlon in subsequent years and we did great. We had a huge breakthrough when I was team co-captain my senior year. :cheer2:
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    Now you don't need an antenna, just go to YouTube.
    I don't recall the Channel 5 show probably because I watched about zero television until the time I got married.
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    Yeah, Aca Deca! I was on aca deca my senior year. We had a horrible team make-up, so we lost. :(