FS Performances Before CoP that would score high under CoP

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    Feb 19, 2002
    I didn't want to beat the dead horse yet again , but I disagree with this. S&P had a wonderful connection to/awareness of each other and a terrific chemistry. I can see how one would find them very well united in mind and spirit. However, when it came to their overall body unison , they really did not skate as close together as their rivals, didn't have the same use of full range of body movement, sudden shifts in support and edging, and constant intertwining body-line or changes of hold etc. I found their pairs spiral positions to be very mismatched at times too.

    I think both B&S and S&Z's choreography from 2002 would have done very well under COP. S&P's Orchid would have as well.
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    Jun 14, 2002
    Many of Kurt Browning's programs would stand the test of COP, just the footwork alone, and his musicality....
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    There is a lot of just plain stroking before each jumps. That would not fare so well with CoP.

    A skater does not need to think of points gathering, that is the choreographer´s job. A skater just needs to be able to perform the created programme.

    I don´t think that Plushenko participated in 2002 Worlds?
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    I think that program of Matt's could have so easily been bland and boring, but the way he skates to the music just totally mesmerizes me and I can watch it over and over. The slow section in the middle where he does a series of edge moves in particular just gives me chills. Pure art. And the triple axel out of the spread eagle :swoon: :swoon: The man deserves sooooo much more respect than he's ever gotten.
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    May 29, 2008
    sometimes in CoP i think the choreographer gets marked rather than the skaters and if they could skate this choreo aestetically pleasing.
    Abott pays justice to his choreographers for sure!
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    Feb 26, 2005
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    That wasn't even designed to be a competition program. It's a show program, performed here in the context of an "artistic" competition.

    Not quite 4 minutes (right between junior and senior ladies long program length), with 4 jumps (no combos), two spins, and let's say one spiral sequence. No step sequence and fewer jumps and spins than one would expect to find in a long program. So there's plenty of time to do extra spirals and other field moves and to take her time selling each of the moves.

    Suppose someone did choose to leave out half the allowed elements in a long program and to concentrate on the in-between skating and program components instead, especially if that skater was best at everything else besides the jumps and spins. How high could the components go for excellent performance of a program with sparse elements? How well could high PCS make up for doing only half as many elements as the other competitors? High GOEs on the elements the skater did do would help.