David Shuster about to be fired from MSNBC?

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    David Shuster 'Ripped A New One,' May Be Off MSNBC Indefinitely
    David Shuster Filmed CNN Pilot, MSNBC Threatens Punishment

    Shuster has had a habit of pissing his bosses off at MSNBC, hasn't he?
    MSNBC: David Shuster 'Inappropriate' In James O'Keefe Comments
    MSNBC Reporter Begrudgingly Apologizes For Chelsea "Pimp" Comment

    If Shuster was planning on moving to CNN, I can't see it helping CNN. But then again, I might be biased. I thought Shuster was kind of a prick when he did the local news (KATV-ABC) in Little Rock, AR. I wonder if rfisher remembers when he covered the Whitewater scandal. :rolleyes:
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    I thought he had recovered from that 'pimping out Chelsea' comment a couple of years ago, but maybe not. I believe he was suspended at the time, and Keith Olberman apologized for him.