Congratulations to our own Manleywoman, US Adult Nationals CHAMPION!!!

Discussion in 'Moves In The Field' started by Yazmeen, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Whee-hee! Sweet!
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    Hi everyone. I just saw this thread (haven't been on FSU in a while). Thank so much for the cheers! It really was a thrill. The girl I beat by 0.2 was someone I've never beaten ever. I've been trying for a long time, and I was so glad I had a perfect skate, with Level 4/3/2 spins respectively. :) She out-jumped me, but I won on spins and PCS. :) With the year I've had (getting divorced, adjusting to new job, and having precious little time to train . . . just 2 or 3 hours a week) it was a minor miracle it all came together. Hopefully next year I'll have more time to build up the stamina to bring back in the 2toe and 2loop. I just couldn't do it this year.

    Here is the video on YouTube.

    I couldn't believe that. What an honor! He particularly liked my spread eagles. :)

    Thanks again everyone.
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    Wow, that's amazing! What a gratifying win that must have been! Thanks for posting your video. I'm going to go watch it now. :)
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    I love your choreography. You did so many lovely field moves, steps and turns. Thank you for posting the video :)
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    You have such lovely flow over the ice! And those spins, WOW! :cheer:

    And serious, serious brownie points from me for picking such a lovely version of Clair de Lune. I am particularly picky about which versions of Clair de Lune I will listen to, and that one was tremedously good. :)