Canon, Inc.'s ISU event sponsorship (2012-14) & a site with interviews, photos & more

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    This November 2012 press release announced Canon's sponsorship involvement with the Grand Prix Final, Four Continents, Junior Worlds and Worlds for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons:

    Thanks to the "Daisuke Takahashi - New Interview" thread, I discovered that Canon has an entire website dedicated to figure skating (in Japanese):

    Other interviews: Kevin Reynolds and Gracie Gold at 2013 Four Continents, Patrick Chan, Akiko Suzuki, Takeshi Honda, and Yuzuru Hanyu (after he won 2012 NHK Trophy).
    Via Google Translate:

    There are also photo galleries by event, interviews with Japanese sports photographers, and more.
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    What a great idea! Whoever thought of this is a PR genius.