Canada bidding for 2013 world championship

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    Have we reached 1000 posts in this thread yet? Feels like it! ;)
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    I looked into train from Toronto to London last winter for nationals. If I remember correctly, the cost was approximately $100 each way - not practical if you are having to commute every day due to lack of hotel room availability and not even practical just to get to London - that's why I had a layover and flew into the city. There is no GO Train to London.

    And, I've taken the subway/bus connection to get from downtown Toronto to the airport. It's been a few years, but that was also not convenient for anyone trying it. Why the subway line did not extend to the airport I do not understand? Maybe it's changed, I don't know. The airport is quite a distance from downtown - I'm sure the cab fare would be a fair chunk of change.

    I think some important questions have been raised in recent posts. Having been to national and world competitions and having been to events in both arenas, I have serious concerns for the ability of the city and the JLC to host an event of this size. Yes, they did a great job with nationals and it will sell out but I think Winnipeg would have sold out too. And, knowing the services available in Winnipeg - hotels, restaurants (I just learned that they are demolishing a building across from the arena to develop restaurants and sports bars), the new Human Rights Museum, the new airport - so many great things are happening in Winnipeg right now, I still feel like SC has missed the boat and limited themselves by awarding the event to London.
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    No, they have a shuttle bus that runs from the airport to the downtown hotels- every half hour or so. Just ask for the Royal York- it's across the street from the train station.
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    Lets move it to Windsor.
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    I believe Mr. Thompson stated that Canadians sold out over the weekend this year. I know for a fact that hotel rooms were still available as of the Saturday so there won't be a problem with anyone who wants a room getting one. The number of tickets sold, if the events sells out, will be the same so Canadians was a good test run for Worlds. While it's perhaps true that more people from out of town will want to come to this competition, the local fan base will likely be out in force too so I don't see there being any major difference.
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    The big difference between Canadians and Worlds is that Worlds will require far more hotel rooms for skaters, officials, and media. There will probably be 3-4 times (at least) the number of media at Worlds as there was at Canadians. Generally, there are enough media at major sports events to take up one hotel by themselves. ISU officials (and major sponsors) will take up another hotel, and the skaters and coaches will take up at least 1, if not 2 hotels as well. That leaves only a few hotels in downtown London available for fans.
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    You can take a cheap TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) "airport rocket" bus from the airport, which transfers to the subway, which gets you to the coach terminal and the train station. It's not Europe-easy, but it's quite doable, especially if you stop for:40beers: at the end.
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    We hosted an international conference in London and it took about an hour from Hamilton... similar times for Kitchener/Waterloo - However there are closer communities that also have hotel rooms (Woodstock - 25 mins, Brantford - 35 mins, Chatham).. We also arranged great airport transportation with Robert Q Airbus for those delegates arriving by plane from Hamilton, Kitchener (Waterloo international airport), Detroit, Toronto and even Buffalo.. Although many just caught another flight directly to London.. I also recall when London Ontario hosted the World Synchro's and other world class events (hockey)- hotel rooms were not an issue.. and unlike other Provinces - Southern Ontario has many communities and cities close by.. :)
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    is the 100CAD 1 way or roundtrip? i made a tried pricing an itinerary on via rail for a 1way from Union Station to London its 45.20CAD for an economy super saver fare.
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    Yes, there are lots of options. They are just not convenient. Even taking transit within London to get from the hotel (if it outside of walking distance) is possible but inconvenient for people who are considering going that are from out of the area.
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    When I was in London for Canadians, I wasn't allowed to drive the measly hour from Sarnia to London so I took a Robert Q and then a cab to the B&B where I was staying.
    Shared cab fares to and from the arena with others staying there so cab fare cost for me per day was about $10 which was more costly than the bus I was planning to take, but more convenient. I really didn't find it that big a deal for cab fare and if you are staying at a hotel with other skating fans, I would think one could find at least someone else who is willing to share cab fare.
    Unless I am familiar with an area, I find getting to a place and getting around can be an inconvenience - if I choose to look at it that way. Instead, I try to consider it an opportunity to explore new places and meet new people who share a love of figure skating - something I don't get much here at home.
    I would say to those who think that going to London is too difficult a task, they can perhaps choose one of these options
    - stay home and watch it on TV/internet
    - go to it and complain to all how difficult it was for you and how it would have been soooooo much better if it were held in _______
    - go and find enjoyment in the fact that you are going to see world class athletes, see some new sights and maybe even meet some FSUers!
    As for me, I plan to choose the last option - unless of course I can't go for some reason and I will then revert to first option.
    Really, Canada is hosting this wonderful competition and we would rather bicker amongst ourselves because of location? I find it funny.
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    Bold is an option.
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    If Vancouver/Whistler managed to accommodate the numbers attending the Olympics, I'd guess that London will find a way to accommodate those needing accommodation for the WC. If rooms are limited I would expect the hotel community and event planners from different sectors to consider the accommodation demands of a major event such as a WC.

    The logical move for fans who already know they want to attend is to book early.:)
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    Absolutely! I'll be booking at the earliest date they allow. :lol: