Brian Wright inspires Young Choreographers

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    The Young Choreographers Showcase challenge this week was to take cues from Brian Wright's programs for skaters like Rory Flack-Burghart, Michael Weiss, Craig Heath, Scott Williams, Jeri Campbell and others ...

    Challenge 4: A Tribute to Brian Wright (Choreographers studied works prepared by Brian)
    Judges: Scott Williams, Craig Heath, Jamie Coffey (their scores and comments will be posted later this week)

    Grassroots Division:
    Amanda Hoffman

    Piercyn Hunt skated by Crystal Rose Garra

    Erynn Komes with Emily

    Samantha Stevens

    Katerina Tetzloff

    Champions Division:

    Felicia Beck skated by Jonathon Cassar

    Adam Blake Performed by Kate Gauthier

    Mirielle Chambers

    Garrett Kling

    Robert Mauti featuring Rory Flack-Burghart

    Heather McLaughlin

    Emily Tuttle skated by Stacey Carter

    Diana-lynne Webster Wells skated by Tiffany Hyden-Dombeck

    Overall Link where you can see the study videos and all other challenges

    Youtube viewers can vote for their favorite pieces
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    I enjoyed seeing these videos. Thanks for keeping us updated! :)
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    Challenge 5 (Last Video Challenge): “Once Upon a Time …”

    Finalists will performing live

    Judges: Ben Agosto, Jaya Kanal, Dan Joyce

    GRASSROOTS DIVISION – Piercyn Hunt has withdrawn

    Erynn Komes

    Amanda Hoffmann

    Samantha Stevens

    Katerina Tetzloff – Skaters: Katerina Tetloff and Paul Paprocki


    Felicia Beck – Skaters: Felicia Beck, Lindsay Davis, and Rockne Brubaker

    Adam Blake – Skaters: Marina McCourt and Stephan Alvin

    Marielle Chambers -- Skaters: Mirielle Chambers and Laithe Al-Zubi

    Garrett Kling – Skater: Garrett Kling

    Robert Mauti – Skaters: Robert Mauti, Melanie Lambert and Fred Palascak

    Heather McLaughlin -- Skaters: Raffella Koncius, Emma-Jean Bedford, and Haley Kidd

    Emily Tuttle – Skater: Olivia Brock

    Diana-lynne Webster Wells – Skaters: Caroline Patton & Quinn Chambers