An Idiot Abroad

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    Anyone else seen this? I landed on it by accident while channel surfing Saturday night, and was immediately drawn in because I love anything Ricky Gervais lays his hands on. The bad news is that Ricky (and Stephen Merchant) are only in a few minutes at the beginning of each episode. The good news is ... it's still frickin' hilarious.

    The premise: Ricky and Stephen send their friend Karl Pilkington (who's worked with them over the years as writer & producer on their past shows) off to see the great tourist sites of the world. Karl is not the person you'd want travelling with you, or being a tourism ambassador for your country.

    If you like the kind of somewhat cringe-inducing humour of Gervais & Merchant's previous work, you should like this. If your humour tastes are pc-sensitive, you will not.

    You can catch the beginning of the first episode on YouTube, plus some other clips. In Canada it's airing on Discovery on Friday nights with a few repeats over the weekend; not sure if Discovery in the US is also carrying (imdb says "The Science Channel" ?).
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    Head like a ****ing orange!

    If you haven't listened to the old XFM radio broadcasts and the many seasons of the best-selling podcasts of the Ricky Gervais Show - YOU MUST!

    An Idiot Abroad is only Ricky and Steve's latest idea to get Karl more attention, and it's quite hilarious (watched when it originally aired on Sky). Although, I think Karl's comments and the manner in which Ricky and Steve crafted the show are probably more comedic with an understanding of the history of the trio's relationship; or at least familiarity with Karl's uniqueness :lol:
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    Season 1 of the Ricky Gervais Show is out on DVD this week. I've seen a few of the clips, but am looking forward to watching it in a more comprehensive manner.
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    I am a big fan of the podcasts so I was very excited when I saw the promo for this series on Discovery. The first episode certainly didn't disappoint! I agree that some background on the trio & their dynamics might help with the enjoyment/understanding of the show but who wouldn't enjoy watching someone experience their first taste of toad :lol:
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    I watched the whole series, thanks to the internet. Real-life Homer Simpson is Karl. Although what Ricky does to Karl is somewhat cruel, it sure is funny watching Karl being exposed to what's out there.

    :scream: to what he sees in some of the countries. If I had to go through what Karl experienced just to travel for free, I would do it in a heartbeat.