2013 Skate Detroit, July 23-27

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    I'm kind of shocked that MT/M could be so close in score to Z/B. I know MT/M are a much more complete team but geez, she fell all over the place. Did they even get credit at all for the death spiral or SBS spin? I don't see how. So two elements not even done and a fall on a throw jump plus a fall out on a SBS jump and 113 points? That seems silly.
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    MT/M got zip for the BODS and side-by-side spins. Not surprisingly their PCS were the highest of the event, 57.61 v. 51.91 for Z/B. Re: TES, the elements they did hit gained mostly +2's.
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    What I loved about Skate Detroit
    Free admission and free parking...............take that Indy Challenge!

    I loved that they removed the glass panels from the boards. Great for filming and/or watching skating.

    All disciplines Men's, Ladies and Pairs with a little dance thrown in. A complete competition.

    What needs work to make me even happier:
    The Wi-Fi was so sporadic that I couldn't stay on for any length of time.

    See you next year Skate Detroit!
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    Kayne & O'Shea LP: http://youtu.be/zi5IRMI0ums

    My computer is being a tool so I'll post the rest of the links tomorrow. My home Wifi is not as fast as my hotel's Wifi! :(
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    Thanks Heather for all the videos!

    Just wondering if Skate Detroit will have as many pair teams next year. Does Indy Challenge come back next year? Back in 2011 there probably were only 4 or 5 pairs (combining senior/junior) at Skate Detroit. Last year there were probably 12-15 pairs. This year was :kickass: with maybe 30 pairs. Just wondering if Indy Challenge comes back if Skate Detroit will end up with fewer.

    I would also really like to see more dance! It just seems weird that with so many dancers training in the area that there are so few that compete at Skate Detroit.
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    HeatherC Go Team SW Florida! =)

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    Yes, it was supremely annoying for filming, but the stands were too full to find a better spot. ;)
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    Still to be determined by the club, the last I heard. I imagine if they plan to host it, they will give a notice on their website by spring and reach out accordingly to all previous coaches/competitors. Logisitics of where to hold the event is the biggest issue... all other rinks in the area have already long-established skating clubs, and some have long-established hockey commitments at that time of the year.

    The I/WSA facility in downtown Indianapolis, which was home to the Indy Challenge competition, shut down in April. There are new owners (renters, really) and completely new management for the facility http://panampavilion.com/home.html, and they claim to be opening the same facility early this fall after renovations. Just how great the renovations actually are, and if the previously-established I/WSA FSC home club at that facility is welcome to purchase ice for figure skating... is all still to be determined, as the new facility management is the local minor league professional hockey team who currently happen to list a completely mythical figure skating club on their site (not USFS, not ISI, and information is 'still being determined' about figure skating if you ask them). So, us locals aren't sure just yet what the new management's plans and professional relationship will be for the local figure skaters, but we should know within a few months what the outlook is on that matter. :) Even if there is a good working relationship between the new management and the local figure skaters / home skating club originally at that location, anyone who has been at the rink during July/August the past few years is well aware of the crucial renovations needed for both ice surfaces.

    The Skate Detroit competition is already pretty much at capacity. They'd have to add an additional day or two if they wanted to add a moderate amount of dance, and with Lake Placid generally falling 1-2 weekends after, I'm not sure if the timing is ideal for anyone other than the local dance teams. I'm sure if the majority of the local Detroit coaches really wanted the dance events, the club would offer it in their competition. It's also an issue of judges / officials / tech panel. Many elite dance judges and elite tech panel folks for dance, are not necessarily the same caliber for singles/pairs. My guess is they'd likely have to bring in half-dozen or more officials in order to have *full* dance panels, which is added expense. (It's been a couple of years since I saw a complete list of officials that take part in the competition). There are plenty who live in a reasonable distance of Detroit, but it's a matter of getting them all to commit. And frankly, most elite judges / officials have a pretty packed summer as it is.

    Either way, if the Detroit Skating Club dance coaches (and a majority of the area dance coaches) wanted it, I'm sure they would have already have made it happen. It probably doesn't jive well with their well established summer training plans for Lake Placid, and other competitions. :)

    That being said, I'd personally love it if Skate Detroit added dance events. And I'm sure the trial judges who are pursuing dance and singles/pairs competition appointments simultaneously would LOVE LOVE LOVE it as well, as an option for a double-header and a way to bypass the expense of Lake Placid. :)
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    Grant's FS is fantastic! Love the intricacy of both step sequences and the transitions!
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    Thanks Rochelle for the information. Sounds like maybe pairs will continue to compete at Skate Detroit since there are quite a few issues to be dealt with to return to Indy.

    I think in 2011 I saw 4 dance teams in Detroit and then none in 2012. This year there were 4 scheduled but only 3 competed. It was fun to watch so guess I will be content with the limited number. As it usually works out that the competition runs to about 10:30 at night, another day would probably have to be added if 10 or 12 teams wanted to skate.

    Chipso1 I was thrilled with Grant. He fell on the 3A in the short and I was very disappointed. Right after that he did the 4t/3t!!! Wow! I also really liked his FS - loved the footwork and his spins especially. Hoping for a good season for Grant.
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