2013 Glacier Falls Summer Classic (Anaheim, CA): July 31-August 4, 2013

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    The annual Glacier Falls FSC event in at the Ducks training rink in Anaheim has quickly blossomed into a summertime mini-Nationals of sorts, and this year it's taking place from July 31st through August 4th.

    Here are some links:

    Competition Announcement


    From the schedules link, it looks like the main senior men's and ladies' events are taking place once again on Friday night (short programs, August 2) and Saturday night (long programs, August 3). Also, from the schedules link, it looks like the following noteworthy skaters are currently registered for the event (note that these are selected skaters and not an exhaustive list):

    * Richard Dornbush
    * Jason Brown
    * Adam Rippon
    * Keegan Messing
    * Douglas Razzano
    * Brandon Mroz

    * Courtney Hicks
    * Caroline Zhang
    * Karen Zhou
    * Leah Keiser

    * Nathan Chen
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  2. pvkirby

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    Here is a list of some of Junior competitors and coach participating in Junior short on Thursday August 1
    Jordon Moeller Kori Ade
    Nathan Chen R Arutyunyan
    Chase Belmontes Becky Calvin/Tom Z
    Andrew Nagoe Becky Calvin/Tom Z
    Timothy Boore Alex Chang
    Nix Phengsy Alex Chang
    Evan Bender Derrick Delmore
    Antony Cheng Joanne Mcleod
    Spencer Howe Wendy Olson
    Brian Krentz Cindy Caprel
    Shawn Cuevas Eileen Murphy

    Here is a list of some of Junior Women competing in Junior Short Program on Thursday:


    Tiffany Vanta R Arutyunyan
    Katia Shpilband R Arutyunyan
    Annika Lindgren Alex Chang
    Ashley Quzn Tiffany Chin
    Elizabeth Nyguyen Tammy Gambil/Justin dillon
    Amy lin Tammy Gambil/Justin dillon
    Karen Ka Justin Dillon
    Karen Chen Tammy Gambil
    Alyssa Highchew Doug Ladret

    Larkyn Austman Heather Austman/E Murray
    YU Miao B Calvin/Tom Z
    Avery Kurtz B Calvin/Tom Z
    Cheyenne Bell Alex Chang
    Tyler Plierce Tammy Gambill
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    Oh, duh! Thanks pvkirby for taking things further by one more level. Here are the senior entries:


    Valerie, Bergeron
    Edmunds, Polina
    Sirset, Taylor
    Adams, Sophia
    Zhang, Caroline
    Keiser, Leah
    Ward, Brittany
    Muniz, Victoria
    Giese, Catherine
    Chiera, Franchesca
    Alba, Carolyn-Ann
    Hicks, Courtney
    Inoda, Nami
    Hofmann, Amanda
    Goetz, Lizzie
    Yang, Maria
    Malkova, Anna
    Nagasu, Mirai
    McIntee, Dyllan
    Mendelson, Rachel
    Reyna, Summer
    Kulgeyko, Katarina


    Messing, Keegan
    Brown, Jason
    Martinez, Michael Christian
    Gosselin, Garrett
    Ju, Jordan
    Przepioski, Robert
    Gordon, Mitchell
    Zhou, Vincent
    Guthrie, Benjamin
    Yostanto, Jay
    Rippon, Adam
    Kerry, Brendan
    Razzano, Douglas
    Mroz, Brandon
    Dyer, Scott
    Dornbush Iii, Richard
    Eldridge, Schuyler
    Omori, Shotaro

    Again, a well-run event well worth attending if you're from California or happen to be in LA/OC that weekend. It costs only $5-10 per day, if I remember correctly, and comes with validation at the municipal parking garage across the street (which is often not necessary on the weekends). As it's the Ducks training rink, there's a large section of wooden bleachers (bring cushions) and super-fast wi-fi.
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  4. rosewood

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    Thank you for the update, UMBS. So Mirai is going to reveal her new programs at Glacier Falls? I'm a bit afraid she doesn't have enough time to adjust her condition for this competition because she'll stay in Japan for THE ICE TOUR till 28th July( the last show is on 28th so I guess she'll leave Japan on 29th). Since they've been my favs, I hope Mirai and Caroline do well in competing with younger skaters. As for Coutney, this is her second competition in this summer so I'm thrilled with her more solid performance. :cheer:
  5. misskarne

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    Jeebus, those Senior fields are like mini-Nationals.
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  6. crzesk8dad

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    Thanks for the props!

    Admission is $10 per person, $7 for Seniors (60 +), Children 6 and under are FREE, validated parking available.

    You may purchase an all event ticket for $25, which is a bargain if you want to attend all four days of competition, which starts on Thursday Aug 1. Junior ladies qualifying round and Junior mens SP is that night, so it's worth coming out for all four days!

    Also, on Weds. Jul 31, there are all-day practice ice sessions, which are free to the public. All sessions are "OPEN" to all skating levels, but at 10:40 am and 1:00 pm, there will be an hour of Novice-Junior-Senior only practice sessions, which should have some top skaters. Bring your lunch and watch some practices!!

    One last item: stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding "on-demand" webcasts of the Junior and Senior events. The details are still being worked out, but our plan is to put them up for viewing, within a week or two after the Summer Classic. There will be a nominal fee to view the events.

    If you need any information regarding the competition, feel free to contact me at: donald.rabbitt@gmail.com
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  7. Jayar

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    I wish I could be there!!!
  8. jlai

    jlai Title-less

    An on-demand webcast would be wonderful.

  9. Sylvia

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    I'm cross-posting Senior & Junior entries here and at Golden Skate. It's not unusual to see withdrawals from summer competitions.

    * = listed in USFS' International Selection Pool

    Senior Men
    *Messing, Keegan Alaska Assoc of Figure Skaters
    *Brown, Jason Skokie Valley SC
    Martinez, Michael Christian PHI
    Gosselin, Garrett CAN (S10)
    Przepioski, Robert Rochester FSC
    Gordon, Mitchell CAN (S7)
    *Zhou, Vincent All Year FSC (age-eligible for JGP next year)
    Guthrie, Benjamin CAN
    Yostanto, Jay The Skating Club of New York
    Kerry, Brendan AUS
    *Razzano, Douglas Coyotes SC of Arizona
    *Mroz, Brandon Broadmoor SC
    Dyer, Scott All Year FSC
    *Dornbush III, Richard All Year FSC
    Eldridge, Schuyler The Skating Club of Boston
    *Omori, Shotaro Los Angeles FSC
    Warren, Phillip All Year FSC

    Senior Ladies
    Bergeron, Valerie CAN
    *Edmunds, Polina Peninsula SC
    Sirset, Taylor All Year FSC
    Adams, Sophia All Year FSC
    *Zhang, Caroline All Year FSC
    *Keiser, Leah All Year FSC
    Ward, Brittany All Year FSC
    Muniz, Victoria All Year FSC
    Giese, Catherine Los Angeles FSC
    Chiera, Franchesca Panthers FSC
    Alba, Carolyn-Ann All Year FSC
    *Hicks, Courtney All Year FSC
    Inoda, Nami CAN
    Hofmann, Amanda (U.S. skater training in CAN)
    Goetz, Lizzie St. Moritz ISC
    Yang, Maria Washington FSC
    Malkova, Anna All Year FSC
    *Nagasu, Mirai Pasadena FSC
    *McIntee, Dyllan SC of Phoenix
    Mendelson, Rachel All Year FSC
    Reyna, Summer Glacier Falls FSC
    Kulgeyko, Katarina Los Angeles FSC

    Junior Men
    Rupp, Patrick Citrus FSC
    *Howe, Spencer Los Angeles FSC
    *Krentz, Brian SC of Boston
    Cheng, Antony CAN (N3)
    Belmontes, Chase Broadmoor SC
    *Moeller, Jordan Northern Ice SC
    Cuevas, Shawn CAN (J7)
    Nagode, Andrew University of Delaware FSC
    Paniot, Yaroslav FRA UKR http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00013671.htm
    Bender, Evan Peninsula SC
    Boore, Timothy Pasadena FSC
    *Phengsy, Nix All Year FSC
    *Chen, Nathan Salt Lake Figure Skating

    Junior Ladies A
    Carey, Rachel SC of Phoenix
    Untalan, Clare Dallas FSC
    Shin, Ashley Dallas FSC
    *Nguyen, Elizabeth All Year FSC
    *Lin, Amy Peninsula SC
    *Vinci, Madison Washington FSC
    *Chen, Karen Peninsula SC
    Chen, Rosalie San Diego FSC
    Shiue, Brittney SC of Oregon
    McNeil, Patricia Glacier Falls FSC
    Gabriele, Emily Coyotes SC of Arizona
    Ka, Karen AUS
    Bai, Lily San Diego FSC
    Lindgren, Annika All Year FSC
    *Flood, Morgan Dallas FSC
    Luong, Annie Dallas FSC
    Gianiorio, Brianna Coyotes SC of Arizona
    Hightchew, Alyssa Coyotes SC of Arizona
    Quan, Ashley All Year FSC

    Junior Ladies B
    *Long, Barbie Illinois Valley FSC
    Delaurier, Julianne CAN (N3)
    Hemond, Marie-Gabrielle CAN
    Vanta, Tiffany San Diego FSC
    Austman, Larkyn CAN (J1)
    England, Cailey CAN
    Jablon, Jackie Panthers FSC
    Cleveland, Christina Washington FSC
    Bell, Cheyenne All Year FSC
    Jurome, Jayda CAN
    Shpilband, Katia Ann Arbor FSC
    Miao, Yu Broadmoor SC
    Kurtz, Avery Broadmoor SC
    Casapao, Shayanne Los Angeles FSC
    Pulkinen, Elena University ISC of San Jose
    Park, Ashley All Year FSC
    Bobyn, Dana CAN
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  10. oubik

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    Yaroslav Paniot (junior men) is surely skating for Ukraine, or did he change to France?

    Also, maybe I missed thet somewhere but was Victoria Muniz stopping skating for PuertoRico?
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  11. Sylvia

    Sylvia Fretting that Worlds is over...

    My mistake -- I just assumed and didn't check his ISU bio :p (now corrected in my list above). Thanks for the catch!

    Yes, she confirmed it in an interview that was published last month: http://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/sho...s-Interviews&p=3950032&viewfull=1#post3950032
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  12. Jarrett

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    I'll be there to watch the ladies!! I hope for some good skates that they can all build on.
  13. rosewood

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    I went to US Ladies' thread in the Trush Can but people were discussing about moving the thread to GSD. So I post this here. Mirai announced her new musics on her IN bio.

    SP Music: "The Man I Love" by George Gershwin
    FS Music: Music from James Bond by various artists

    She looked better in shape in the video of The Ice show. Hopefully she does well in Glacier Falls SC this weekend.:cheer: I'm not excited about the programs, though. How come a Bond Girl from Mirai, and Juliet from Ashley this season?:D Anyway we'll see.
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  14. jlai

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    Does anyone have jr men results? Thx
  15. Jarrett

    Jarrett Well-Known Member

    Anyway to find out the skate order for the ladies tonight? 11pm is really late and then I have to drive all the way home to San Diego. :(
  16. Sylvia

    Sylvia Fretting that Worlds is over...

    ^^^ If anyone sends me a photo of the start order, I will post it here.

    Junior Ladies SP Group A
    1-15: K Chen (CP) 61.38, A Shin (SW) 55.53, C Untalan (SW) 49.81, M Vinci (SA) 48.69, M Flood (SW) 45.74, E Nguyen 44.11, R Chen 39.68, K Ka (AUS) 33.52, B Shiue (NWP) 32.52, E Gabriele 31.43, A Lindgren 30.37, A Luong (SW) 30.21, P McNeil 28.14, L Bai 27.89, B Gianiorio 25.39 [WD: R Carey, A Hightchew, A Lin (CP), A Quan].


    Junior Ladies SP Group B (NHL rink late Thursday night)
    1-15: B Long (UGL) 57.89, J Delaurier (CAN) 51.41, L Austman (CAN) 41.89, M-G Hemond (CAN) 41.01, C England (CAN) 40.63, J Jurome (CAN) 40.39, E Pulkinen (CP) 40.25, A Park 39.22, C Cleveland (SA) 38.66, C Bell 37.70, D Bobyn (CAN) 36.17, S Casapao 34.92, T Vanta 32.81, Y Miao (SW) 31.99, J Jablon (SA) 29.26 [WD: A Kurtz (SW), K Shpilband (EGL)].

    Junior Men SP (OLY rink late Thursday night)
    1-13: N Chen (CP) 63.47, J Moeller (UGL) 56.39, N Phengsy 54.49, B Krentz (NE) 53.28, S Howe 52.88, C Belmontes (SW) 52.83, T Paniot (UKR) 52.47, P Rupp (SA) 45.81, S Cuevas (CAN) 43.51, T Boore 43.04, A Cheng (CAN) 42.75, A Nagode (SA) 42.56, E Bender (CP) 40.74.

    All SWP region skaters are unmarked.
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  17. Sylvia

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    Senior Men SP start order (17 listed; SWP skaters unmarked):
    K Messing (NWP), V Zhou, M C Martinez (PHI), R Przepioski (UGL), [J Ju (TPE)-WD], S Omori / B Guthrie (CAN), G Gosselin (CAN), S Eldridge (NE), S Dyer, R Dornbush, J Brown (UGL) / P Warren, J Yostanto (NA), B Mroz (SW), M Gordon (CAN S7), D Razzano, B Kerry (AUS).

    Senior Ladies SP start order (20 listed; SWP skaters unmarked):
    C Giese, D McIntee, N Inoda (CAN), M Nagasu, S Adams / V Bergeron (CAN), K Kulgeyko, S Reyna, A Malkova, A Hofmann (U.S. skater training in CAN) / C Zhang (not sure if she will compete here), L Keiser, F Chiera (SA), [C-A Alba, T Sirset - both have WD], C Hicks / B Ward, L Goetz (CP), P Edmunds (CP), V Muniz, R Mendelson, M Yang (SA).
  18. Jarrett

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    Thanks so much Sylvia, i'll be sure to get there early for Mirai and Sophia!
  19. UMBS Go Blue

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    Finally got here after many near misses dodging traffic :p

    Will be tweeting results and PBP at @umbsgoblue :encore:
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  20. Sylvia

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  21. UMBS Go Blue

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    Wow! Thx to all the Japanese folks for all the instant retweets! :lol:
  22. Jarrett

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    Woohoo I made it even with crappy traffic at 730pm wth lol
  23. Jarrett

    Jarrett Well-Known Member

    Wow didn't even realize it was mirai. Great shape compared to when I saw her Nats 2012.
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  24. Jarrett

    Jarrett Well-Known Member

    Warmed up footwork into 3lutz and few triples flips and triple flip triple toe combo
  25. shan

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    Love the reports Jarrett! :cheer2:
  26. Jenna

    Jenna Well-Known Member

    Wow that is just an outstanding score for Brown, and that with a small mistake! :eek:

    Glad to hear Mirai looks better..a 3f-3t combo? :cheer:
  27. jlai

    jlai Title-less

    I thought the scores seem a bit inflated but well done anyway! :cheer:
  28. Jarrett

    Jarrett Well-Known Member

    Mirai skated okay. Lutz was scratchy and camel was really slow. Went for triple flip triple toe. Probably a review on that.
  29. Jarrett

    Jarrett Well-Known Member

    I'll post a video when I get home. The best thing was no tights over boots!
  30. shan

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    It's nice to hear that she is going for the 3-3! :) I really hope she has a great season.