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Garden Kitty
06-06-2013, 04:17 PM
The only sports I can think of where Olympic gold is not the ultimate prize are tennis and golf, and the big team sports (regardless of Olympic status or not). Maybe ice hockey is the exception?.

I'd probably add road cycling. A Tour de France win or World Championship is probably bigger than an Olympic medal or at least worth more financially to an athlete.

06-07-2013, 07:23 PM
Hosting the Olympics is an expensive business. Without the sponsorship and TV rights money it wouldn't happen.That's true. I'd be interested in data on cost vs. revenue for an individual sport. I imagine swimming is high cost, high revenue. Wrestling is low cost, low revenue. Basketball is low cost, high revenue? Equestrian is high cost, low revenue?

06-07-2013, 07:54 PM
:confused: Are you saying, then, that all sports that aren't accessible to a poor kid in Azerbaijan should be eliminated? It would be a pretty darn short Olympics if that happened. Sorry, I'll try to be clearer.

You had said that contrary to popular belief, golf actually is accessible to people like your son, even more than figure skating. You provide evidence that golf is like most winter sports--with some exceptions, accessible to children from at least middle class families who live in certain countries.

This difference in golf's actual accessibility vs. perceived accessibility is imperceptible to a large part of the world. To make and care about that distinction, you have to already be in a position of privilege.

Here's a sports analogy. In basketball, some positions are more accessible to shorter people. To be an NBA center, you generally have to be at least 6'9". There are many NBA guards, however, who are 6'5". The guard position is thus accessible to many more people than the center position. To men over 6 feet who want to play basketball, that matters. But to dwarves, although the guard position may be somewhat more accessible to them, that increased accessibility is meaningless because any NBA position is still completely inaccessible.

Your view is that of a 6ft+ guy living in a world of mostly dwarves.

This in no way means that only sports like wrestling and track should be in the Olympics. It does, however, strongly suggest that the IOC members have difficultly evaluating sports from a comprehensive global perspective. They may not have the insight to realize how few sports are internationally accessible and thus not have the wisdom to preserve those sports.