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01-15-2013, 12:16 AM
Like Kasey, I got my CNA license when I was in my teens and even worked in a nursing home as a CNA. The experience was invaluable for all the above stated reasons and then some. Getting up 7+ patients(half of which are total care) in the morning with 2-3 showers and assist with meals and ADL's on a daily basis did wonders for my time management skills as a nurse. :lol::yikes:

You only had 7+ patients as a CNA? I routinely had 12. Did NOT last long at that (granted, I *was* only 18 at the time). CNA is a really difficult job, though I imagine it would depend on your patient load and work environment. I couldn't get over my inability to get everything done for everyone. . . seeing so many helpless people all day long was, for me, beyond depressing, and I wanted to feel like I was actually doing something to help (ADL? forgettaboutit. ROM exercises? Ha. It was all I could do to keep up with the constant sheet-changing from the incontinent bedridden patients, plus getting up those who could get up in the morning and getting them to meals).

The last couple of years I've been ruminating on the idea of going back to school to become an RN. It was something I considered years ago, but dismissed, probably in error, due to my awful CNA experience. I don't think I would do geriatrics, although obviously that's a BOOMING area. . .

01-16-2013, 01:18 AM
What about Massage therapy? If you really like all kinds of people, it might be a good fit, and since you are a finance expert, you would find it easy to run your own business eventually.

Not to burst your bubble, but nurses tend to get treated pretty poorly by their peers, too.