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01-28-2013, 02:34 AM
I liked Alice too. The company is so well trained and well rehearsed.

01-28-2013, 09:56 PM
Ok, if you're in DC you MUST go have breakfast or brunch at the Mansion on O. If I hadn't left this until my last day, I would have gone back for another event, that's what a blast I had there.
I did breakfast on Sunday morning, because the brunch was sold out. Piles of yummy southern breakfast things. They had bananas Foster, which I had never tried before. I heartily approve; they made a most excellent topping for my cooked-to-order buttermilk waffles.
I'd signed up for the 4-floor treasure hunt, which included the hidden door search. My breakfast reservation was for 10 AM and I figured on getting out of there by noon, because there were still a few things I wanted to see on my last day.
Bwahaha, the joke was on me. I got so involved with the whole thing, I didn't make it out of there until 2 PM. The place is fantastic, it looks like a cross between the Addams family mansion and a consignment shop that was decorated by an insane person. But it all kind of works. I'd guess there were about 20 other people looking for the hidden doors while I was there. It was hard to tell because the place is so large and we kept passing each other and then meeting up again in different places. Everyone was helping each other out and pointing out doors.
The guest rooms in this place are completely demented. One suite is an actual log cabin.
There were only a handful of people doing the treasure hunt besides me. I teamed up temporarily with a 7 year old boy whose mom had gone MIA. She'd gone down a secret stairway and disappeared,we caught up to her in the basement. What a hoot!
For my last dinner in DC, I went to Jaleo. Everything there is fabulous, but I must tell you about the divine dessert I ordered - chocolate hazelnut cake with praline ice cream. This was a very rich, very delicious chocolate cake topped with hazelnut mousse, with a dark chocolate glaze on top, and some salty caramel sauce on the side. With a scoop of crunchy praline ice cream. OMG!
As a New Yorker, it was a bit unnerving to me how helpful and friendly everyone is in DC.
I have a question about the subway. I kept forgetting that you need to put your ticket in the machine to exit the system, and would have to stop on my way out and dig for it in my bag. What happens if you try to exit but you don't have money on your ticket or in your pocket? Do they force you to stay in the station and panhandle until you have enough money to get out? :lol:
Incidentally, I am peeved at the National Ballet of Canada. Why are they not bringing "Alice" to NYC? And why didn't they make their wonderful poster available for sale?

01-28-2013, 10:26 PM
Re: the Metro. If you're using a fare card, they have fare machines inside the gate so you can increase the value before exiting. If using a Smartrip, you'll end up with a negative balance and not be allowed back in without adding enough value to the card. Otherwise, beg the Station Manager for forgiveness and get through the side or jump the gate and risk a fair evasion ticket. You can always piggyback" too. :lol: