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01-10-2013, 07:58 AM
That's kind of what I was thinking. I do agree with the premise of this thread, though, that programs need some breathing space to break up all the clutter, for the benefit of the skater and the audience. If there was a new rule, I'd word it in terms of requiring the well-balanced program to have a distinct change in tempo in the music and choreography, demonstrating the skater's skill at both kinds of movement. (I don't mean to limit them to one change in tempo, but to require at least one.)

Personally, I prefered the fast-slow-fast programs to the ones we've seen more recently, but slow-fast-slow should be Ok too. (Although, IIRC, judges historically did not like slow-fast-slow, as it looks too much like a cover for bad conditioning.)

I like the pacing of Kwan's Song of the Black Swan. Started off slow, then went fast, then went slow again to a fast ending. I know it's just one more section, but it just seemed different.

Susan M
01-11-2013, 04:27 PM
There is nothing stopping anyone from doing a slow section if they want or need it.

What prevents skaters from doing it now is that the gliding moves that go in a slow section would take up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on the excessive flailing that currently earns them points (longer fw sequences, transition points, etc). The point of a rule would be to make all the skaters demonstrate the ability to do these kinds of moves and to avoid the de facto penalty for including them.

It would also, IMO, give more choreographic variety and interest to the programs.

01-11-2013, 05:16 PM
Ladies are now supposed to do a Choreographed Sequence, which needs to include at least one spiral.

So they have to do a section somewhere in the program. I.e., there already is a rule to make all ladies demonstrate the ability to do at least one extended gliding move.

Unfortunately the current rules require it to take place after the step sequence, so they can't start the program that way. But they can put it in the middle if they want to regroup aerobically and/or delay more jumps into the second-half bonus period. They just have to do the step sequence first.

Ending with a spiral/field moves sequence or other slow gliding section was a valid choice under 6.0 and still is in IJS, which is where a lot of skaters are choosing to put that section.

Why shouldn't men be "required" to demonstrate gliding moves as well? They were required to do a Field Moves sequence in the early 2000s. If ability to do these kinds of moves is something all skaters should demonstrate, shouldn't that mean all skaters?

REQUIRING a slow section in the middle of the program would give less variety between programs. ALLOWING and REWARDING a slow section in any part of the program would give more variety.