View Full Version : To My Fellow Josh Groban Fans Here At FSU....

12-26-2012, 12:41 AM
...A Very Merry Christmas w/the first listen to what will be the first single off the new album coming out in February.

Brave (Official Behind The Scenes Video) (http://youtu.be/63BnhyTQJlw)

All That Echoes hits stores and iTunes and anywhere else it's available online on February 5th.

Amazing what happens sometimes when you surf YouTube. I was in the mood to see and listen to him perform Awake from that Tour's DVD, but didn't want to break out the actual DVD. Since I knew it was over at his Official Channel over there, I headed there and lo and behold...I found all this new info about a new Studio Album and the Video w/the new song.

Since it's Christmas and it's a time for sharing.... :D

Hope this is as lovely a surprise to some here as it was to me earlier today. :)