View Full Version : Let's End Google's Monopoly, Thanks

10-16-2012, 08:52 PM
There are no "regular results" on Google anymore (http://vimeo.com/51181384).

Gonna be trying Duck Duck Go (www.duckduckgo.com) out over the next week or so.

A search provider that respects your anonymity for a change. What a refreshing idea.

And well the private sector is supposed to be built on competition. Monopoly is bad, mkay?

10-16-2012, 09:06 PM
Oh and another thing:

On the news that Google announcing they will downrank sites "with too many valid DMCA takedown notices".
What I want to bring to attention about this search algorithm change is Google is no longer the search engine upstart they used to be (for a while now). As Search Engine Land says, Google is now a content distribution company. What's missing on Google's DMCA notices report? Youtube. The by far largest video content website in the world ought to have very high volume of DMCA notices, if not the most, and it's inconspicuously missing from the list. To downrank and censor any website that's not Google's that receives a high number of DMCA notices? Sounds exactly like antitrust to me.

Given that YouTube probably has far more DMCA takedown notices than any torrent website, lovely double standards applied here. :shuffle:

(Obviously they aren't going to harm their own business but yeah the point is you can see through that "logic" straight away)