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08-15-2012, 02:34 PM
Love it! :)

08-16-2012, 03:44 PM
Act 2 Scene 4 – Firestarter! Twisted Firestarter!

Gambler Yagudin is all by himself after his Navka has flown the coop. He fancies a bit of pyro so he burns anything that comes to hand – photos, letters, evidence he ever skated “One Banana”. And burns his casino down proving that skaters (and I’m looking at you Kurt Browning) should never play with fire!

Act 2 Scene 5 – I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

Busy city street with coming and going than a Plushenko footwork sequence. Salesman Marinin dressed in a chicken suit is trying to sell his books, but no-one is buying. It’s probably because he doesn’t carry “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Since the whole saving lives hasn’t worked out exactly too well, Angel Tikhonov is trying his hand at busking. Chicken Marinin figures if he can’t sell books he may as well dance. Well there is nothing more that people love than a dancing chicken and soon his books are flying off his cart. Peasant Girl Totmianina appears on her corner and she and Marinin live happily ever after to skate in denim and with questionable hairstyles.

Act 2 Scene 6 – Call The Police

Angel Tikhonov has inherited Marinin’s book cart. Unbeknownst to him, selling books has become illegal in the last 10 seconds and he is pursued by acrobatic policemen.

Act 2 Scene 7 – Midnight Train To Georgia (Which Is Close To Sochi)

Flogging books hasn’t worked out for Angel Tikhonov so now he’s a fare inspector at a railway station. All the characters from the stories are coincidentally off on journeys. There’s Chicken Marinin and Peasant Girl Totmianina off to find another corner. Inventor Vanagas and his family are trying to get away from celebrity skating shows. Forlorn Navka is waiting it seems in vain for her true love/lust to arrive. But in a twist worthy of Bobby Ewing emerging from the shower in “Dallas”, Poor Boy Kostomarov is alive! Everyone else takes their trains, but the reunited couple stay put and shortly after seal their future together with a marriage of convenience.

Epilogue – Skatin’ In The Rain

Angel Tikhonov can now go home as his work here is done. Rather unnecessarily since we are in the UK, the rain has been brought inside and the cast performs some moves under a sprinkler system. Navka succeeds in having an unbroken frown from start to finish as clearly getting this kind of wet is not her favourite activity.

The End :encore:

08-16-2012, 04:31 PM
:respec: fred!

Thank you. :)