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07-05-2012, 08:56 PM
Has anyone here re-interviewed for a position after they were previously let go from the company? Despite the (imho, unfair) circumstances of my dismissal, I would really like to work for this company again. There were a couple of bumps in the road, but overall it was a very positive experience. I posted about my experience with being let go in a previous job thread on FSU:

I didn't technically get fired, but they didn't renew my contract because of a very silly reason...my Father won a company sponsored contest, other entrants were furious and complained to the company that I was cheating (which I didn't) ...It was a silly FREE raffle that anyone can enter, with a menial prize to be won.

My manager's boss called me on the last day of my contract to let me know they didn't think I was a right "fit" and they were letting me go. I was really confused...I had gone above and beyond for the company, including working many extra events that required quite a bit of traveling at my expense, and many others refused to pitch in and work those events. Meanwhile, many others who had a fair to average performance with the company had their contracts renewed. I appreciated the fact that someone high up in the company was calling me to let me know, but it also felt a bit impersonal since I had little interaction with him.

A few days later I actually ran into my former boss on the subway, and he let me know the real reason I was let go was the stupid raffle, and the "right fit" excuse was just a BS canned reason. I was FURIOUS. I suspected that was it, but I'm really glad I ended up running into him, because as angry as I was, I'm still glad I got closure.

All of this happened two years ago. Both of my immediate supervisors felt that I had done a good job, and wanted me to stay with the company, however the decision was out of their hands, in the hands of someone who barely saw me. They have both moved on from the company since then, and so has the former head of the marketing department, (who was the person that decided not to renew my contract). One of the current supervisors (who was my former co-worker, and has now been promoted) suggested that I come back to the company since management is basically brand-new, and she liked working with me while I was with the company two years ago.

I sent in my resume, and now have an interview. I'm happy to have an opportunity with this company again, but I have NO clue what to say when the inevitable question about my leaving the company comes up. I wasn't "technically" fired, but it's still an awkward situation to discuss. I feel I really didn't do anything wrong, did the absolute best job I could, and was unfairly let go. How do I express that without coming off as if I have no self awareness? HELP! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

07-05-2012, 09:19 PM
I would reference that the promoted Supervisor recommended you to re-apply. Simply say, "At that time, there were several individuals with contracts and not everyone's got renewed. However so-and-so recommended that I apply based on the strength of my previous work with the Company. I enjoyed my time here and would love an opportunity to return"

Whomever is interviewing will no doubt get the scuttlebutt. But I don't see why you have to give the details. Keep it professional and let the Supervisor that supports you deal with that conversation.

07-05-2012, 11:22 PM
I agree with everything Bostonfan said.

07-06-2012, 03:16 AM
I can't give any advice on this topic, but I wanted to congratulate you on your interview and wish you luck! :)

07-06-2012, 03:27 AM
I would think they may already know the past situation, otherwise they would never have called you back in for an interview in the first place. Why would they ever even think of rehiring someone who was let go if they didn't already know that said person was a good employee and didn't do anything to be fired.

07-06-2012, 03:38 AM
Best of luck, Smiley.

Debbie S
07-06-2012, 03:46 AM
Whomever is interviewing will no doubt get the scuttlebutt. But I don't see why you have to give the details. Keep it professional and let the Supervisor that supports you deal with that conversation.Agree. Don't get into why you left or that it was unfair. Just focus on the positive - what you accomplished, why you liked working there, why you want to come back. If anyone asks why you left, just say your contract was not renewed and then say you are glad for the opportunity to come back. Chances are, the interviewers already know your story and may just be testing to see if you are bitter about the company.