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06-22-2012, 06:24 AM
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The Korean sports idol met Kwan as global ambassador of the Special Olympics for the mentally handicapped at a news conference on the Games, held in Seoul on Thursday.

“Nothing is determined yet on an ice show (for the closing ceremony) featuring Kwan and me, but I am positive about it,” Kim said.

“If I am with Michelle Kwan (in an ice show) for other Olympians, it will be an unforgettable experience, and if a decision is made to proceed with the show, I will prepare myself actively.”

Kwan is a two-time Olympic medalist and five-time world champion whom Kim admired as a role model. Kwan has performed in ice shows for Kim. Their last ice show was in Los Angeles in 2010.

The 32-year-old American figure skating legend works mostly as a sports diplomat.

Kwan was positive about the idea of an ice show with the 22-year-old Kim, but admitted she was concerned about her “rusty” skating form.

“We have not completed plans for closing ceremonies. But I have enjoyed performing with Yuna. I hope to do it again,” Kwan said. “I have to be honest, I have not skated since the last ice show with Kim. My blade is rusty. You take some time off from the ice, then triple jumps don’t come very easy.”

Yuna and Michell Kwan interview on the joint ice show proposed by Kwan yesterday for the closing ceremony of PyeongChang 2013 Special Olympics.


You can hear Kwan's after Yuna.

seabm7, I got you! I just translated what Korean article did write. It must be translated as below.

Joint performance as a part of closing ceremony.

Its my bad. Thank you.

The news came up in Yuna's news thread, but I thought I might start a new thread for the article for the sake of the reunion of two most wonderful ambassadors for the sport, Kween and Queen:D

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Sad I only have two hands. This needs way more than two thumbs up.

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What a wonderful opportunity it will be for all of us to see Michelle and Yuna together once more. :respec:

06-22-2012, 02:54 PM
That would be great to see!!

These two ladies are amazing. Michelle's a director for the event and Yu-Na's an ambassador...greatness follows greatness. :saint:

It really warms my heart to see them working together on a great cause like the Special Olympics and I think it would be really great representation for the sport to have two of its biggest stars participating in this cause.:D

My fingers and toes are crossed! :watch:

06-23-2012, 01:54 PM

Two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Michelle Kwan, known to be Kim Yu-na’s role model, has advised Kim to find her passion in life.

“I think she is figuring out her path as she spends time in school and learns from her colleagues and friends. She might find other interests outside of skating if she hasn’t already,” Kwan said Friday in an interview with The Korea Times. “It’s going to be difficult. But you have to do something that you love doing.”

The board member of the 2013 PyeongChang Special Olympics held media interviews at Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul, before she wrapped up her five-day visit. At the interview, the 31-year-old encouraged Kim to move forward with the lessons that she surely learned from the sport: “Hard work, dedication, discipline, falling and getting back up.”

“She needs to figure out what she wants to do. It does help to reach out to people who need help. For example, what she is doing with this Special Olympics. I saw her picture with Ban Ki-moon. I’m sure she is involved and maybe she will get more involved when she has more time with the U.N. I think she’s on her way,” Kwan said.” “Perhaps if she continues her schooling maybe she can become Dr. Kim in the future.”

When asked about the relationship she has developed with Kim, Kwan said the first encounter was in a bathroom 12 years ago as the dumbfounded young skater was surprised to see the superstar at that time. “Over the years, I’ve gotten to know her more than that,” Kwan said. “(As) a close friend, if she needs me, I can help her.”

America’s most decorated figure skater said challenges made her stronger and taught her a great deal of valuable life lessons, pointing out that overcoming challenges is what fascinates people about the Special Olympics.

“Once you understand the spirit of the Special Olympics, it is really empowering,” Kwan said. “And the athletes, when you understand and learn that they have overcome many obstacles such as prejudice, poverty, and sometimes physical handicaps,” Kwan said. “They really change the way I see the world.”

Not a single word of her I would ditch in this article. What an awesomeness and a class this woman is!

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Wee... the performance of the two Queens! Lucky those who will get to watch.

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Not a single word of her I would ditch in this article. What an awesomeness and a class this woman is!


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Yuna cut her hair. She looks cute.

Kwan skating would be amazing.

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yes, yu na hair style looks good on her