View Full Version : Judge throws out 3 of 51 counts against Sandusky

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11-01-2012, 04:34 PM
Hopefully, there will also be two more other people, one was something like VP of Athletics, I need to go back in thread to look up. The president of PS and perhaps others will get due process, but sounds like a very intricately detailed charge and they will hopefully be held accountable. The coach with red hair was right, they all seem to have known and covered up.

11-01-2012, 04:46 PM
Quoting myself from 7/12/12:

Graham Spanier was President of PSU, I believe since fired.

Gary Schultz was VP in charge of Athletics and Police. He voluntarily went back into retirement.

Tim Curley was Athletic Director. He was put on administrative leave.

The latter two are going to be up for Perjury in the State of Pa. court system.

I don't know if all 3 Penn State executives can be held liable for other charges. Spanier apparently didn't lie, but was part of the coverup. It would seem that others than Sanduskey should also be held responsible.

I hope none of the victims settle for cheaper than they are due: the moon.

Don't know if the estate of Joe Paterno can be charged for some kind of financial compensation to the victims.

Don't know if the individuals or the state can go after Sanduskey's savings. Do know that he will be allowed to collect his retirement while in jail, GAH, for presumably the rest of his life, I guess it will be given to his wife.

There may be charges additional to the Clery state ones, in federal court.

But the other 3, if not charged and/or convicted in either state or federal systems, should pay for the rest of their lives, if only financially.

I might have been wrong saying that Spanier didn't lie, the charge seems viable. Schultz and Curley have not yet been charged, stay tuned. At least Spanier, and probably all three, will have due process, the the DA seemed very sure of the Spanier charges, went through examples of why he was charged on each offense, for instance billing someone for a 1.5 hour telephone conversation on this subject, so he must have known. The red haired Coach McQueary (sp?) was probably correct, they knew.

11-02-2012, 03:22 PM
I was wrong, charges have already been filed against Schultz and Curley, more were filed yesterday. And the woman running the press conference about former PS president Spanier was the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, so I guess these are state charges. I think this scandal might have lost its national news importance, but we still get headlines about it here in Philly. This latter stuff is important for all ethics classes, what would you have done, since it seems their errors are in the coverup and as well in the omission of not pursuing this when the first incidence of victim #1 was revealed because there wouldn't have been more victims if they had followed up on instead of covering up the first. Oh, and as a PS, no one knows if Joe Paterno would have been charged had he not died, I imagine his estate is still filing against the university for firing him, but the State couldn't go further because he passed.