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07-04-2012, 06:00 PM
If Iordache has an Amanar and can produce a 14.6 bars she definitely becomes the favorite. Wieber wont get much or any better than a 14.6 bars for a hit routine at the Olympics probably, an 8.2 E score is about what the quality of bars work she received an absurd 15.35 for at the trials would produce. Iordache will easily outscore Wieber on beam and floor even if she hits cold like the World AA last year. The Russians would need to bury Iordache on bars since with an Amanar she will easily outscore them everywhere else. Douglas still has a shaky and weak beam even when she stays on, and her floor is good but not outstanding, same with her Amanar.

07-04-2012, 06:15 PM
The EF's are so bloody interesting too!! :swoon:

Iordache/a German

Tweddle (oh sweet Jesus please let her medal)


Ponor/Izbasa/Bulimar (why can there only be 2!!!)

Essentially giving Romania a fck load of medals.
Really interested to see Izbasa's upgrades and if she can make floor EF over Ponor.

Would also love to see Hannah Whelan in the Beam EF and whilst it's probably way too much to ask, the FX final too :P

The Romanian trio of Izbasa/Ponor and Iordache could win 5 ef medals between them.


07-04-2012, 06:48 PM
Aaarrggh with the teams gradually being announced this is getting harder and harder to predict. I LOVE Komova - bah to the haters, when she hits her gymnastics is as beautiful as you will see in this era :swoon: - but I LOVE Musty for her :kickass: mentality, divaness and general fabulousness despite her egg whisk twists. But then I also LOVE Gabby Douglas who has the potential to become one of the sports biggest stars if she hits in London :encore:. And then I also LOVE Iordache who reminds me so much of Nadia at times, and again, could become a huge star in London :cheer: Ahhh the :drama: of it all....

Ok fanboy squealing over, this is really THE most exciting AA competition I can ever remember anticipating and I'm kind of bummed I'm on holiday in Turkey while it's on - well not too much as I can always go to a bar and watch ;) So a breakdown as I see it:

Komova - Best form overall on all 4 events, brilliant bars and if a russian is going to turn up with an amanar in London my bet is it will be her. Beam is a massive issue but if she hits with the patterson dismount, she'll score big. Floor is my main worry but we just haven't seen enough post-injury to make a fair judgement. Potentially can go 61+ AA

Musty - If she hits UB she can go 16+, she's been drilling some really good - for her - DTY's, but I'm really scared she's going to end her career trying to land a freakin' amanar. :yikes: Beam is solid and her floor is progressing well. She will bust a gut for an OGM and is so mentally solid. Despite everything you just can't rule her out. Russian cup scores indicate she's capable of a 60+ AA if she hits everything perfectly and that is with only a DTY.

Douglas - Ok amanar that seems to be improving and becoming more controlled and consistent. Won't get a 16 like trials but she could easily get 15.8 - 15.9. Brilliant flashy bars that have the potential to score high 15's, a beam that if she hits - and I'm well aware that this is a HUGE if - can go 15+ and a floor that's as camp and trashy and frankly chavvy as anything I have ever seen in the sport. Trust me, if she nails that in London it will go down an absolute storm. While the purists head for the hills she can bring the house down. It's all there for her but she HAS to hit everything!

Iordache - so she now has an amanar and it doesn't look that skary but she has to do it in competition. Bars is the question but she is proven on floor and beam so with the amanar she's definitely a contender and I do expect her to go 4 for 4 AA. A medal can be hers and it could be gold.

Now Wieber I am NOT a fan of. I find her gymnastics heavy and lumbering but you cannot deny that she is mentally a rock and will be hard to beat. If she wins, that's fine by me if she deserves it but IMO it is going to take others to faulter for her to win the OGM. I just don't see her getting the scores she has been in the US come London.

Whatever happens this should be an awesome competition!! :cheer:

07-04-2012, 07:15 PM
^Yup, the best thing about London's AA is how potentially open it could be. Beijing was always going to be a two horse race. Realistically, I think there are about 5 women who could win gold (I'm thinking two Americans, two Russians and Iordache) at least. It's almost like the old days. Almost ;)

07-04-2012, 10:44 PM
What also makes it exciting are all of these last minute upgrades, in Beijing and all of the other Olympic AA the routines were set in stone all year. We aren't going to fully know what some of these ladies are doing for some of the routines until they get to London. I'm super excited, the first rotation is going to be crucial for almost all of the gymnasts in contention.

(also bummed about JYY :( Hopefully HKX hits this time..)

07-05-2012, 12:21 AM
This may have been taken about a month ago! But Komova has her Amanar back.


This has me so hopeful. I'm finally going to say it; two years ago I thought this girl could be for the women what Uchimura is for the men...She's that talented. I just worry that she's weaker and may not have enough time for it to be consistent....