View Full Version : Shpilband/Zoueva Split Aftermath: What Happens Next?

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06-17-2012, 11:45 PM
Haterz are gonna hate!

The truth is the future favors the Shibutanis. Plus this season's OD should be right up their alley and will put them back on track.

Navka = BIG ol' has been! :P :blah:

06-17-2012, 11:46 PM
Navka = BIG ol' has been! :P :blah:

Yes. Has been World champion twice and Olympic champion once. :D

06-18-2012, 12:05 AM
The Shibs need to go all Duschenay-like to win over the judges and audience again. Then the talk of being limited will stop.


06-18-2012, 12:08 AM
Yes. Has been World champion twice and Olympic champion once. :D

Is this where she performed her "legendary" tribute to The Pink Panther... ?


06-18-2012, 03:27 AM
Ok, so im still REALLY wanting to know if Riazanova/Tkachenko will be heading to Novi with Igor, has anyone else heard anything yet?

06-18-2012, 03:50 AM
The truth is the future favors the Shibutanis.

No. In the US the future heavily favours H/D.

06-18-2012, 08:44 AM
Who in the US is with Krylova / Camerlengo ? :P

06-18-2012, 11:59 AM
Not surprised to see Tobias/Stagniunas going with Shpilband as well.

Again, he'll be able to give them much more focus than Zoueva for whom D/W and V/M are the top priority.

I love how you can make such a statement by "looking" at them.

IMO they also don't tend to be as comfortable sharing their passions for food, sports, travel, and comedy, in a coherent way that is enjoyed by thousands of people who follow them on twitter.

I don't want to argue about how they are in 'real life' because what I care about is how they appear on the ice and the overprotective parents story just seems consistent with that.

And anybody can write anything on the internet because it doesn't require actually getting involved in any 'real' social interactions (I am a very good example of that :P).

"Really shy" "awkward" people who lack confidence don't typically carry themselves with maturity, grace and elan at State Department functions at the age of 17.

But that is not what their problem is. Their problem is letting go, so exactly the opposite.

I want to see them let go, have fun on the ice, show some personality, show some charisma, show some performance skills, etc.

And stop skating safe, predictable, ballroom dances!

(Of course with Zoueva choreographing their routines, that is not going to happen)

Isn't that true in NA, but not nec. the rest of the world? I'm pretty sure almost all the European rinks are "olympic sized" (60x30m is the international standard AFAIK).


(I mean really...they have sheltered lives that mama Shib should be reported to social services? Yeah, I know it was an attempt at humor but the point is still made)

I was being half-serious and I stand by what I said.

Not allowing your teenage children to go on dates is just :rolleyes:.

More to the original point, it's laughable that people who sit in front of the computer all the time and live an ocean away, and who very likely are shy, awkward, sheltered, and lacking life experience themselves, should think they can pass adequate judgment on two skaters they don't know and describe them as being shy, awkward, sheltered, and lacking life experience.

If you want to be a bitch, at least have the guts to do it directly instead of making passive aggressive statements.

And my number of sexual partners totally qualifies me to be an expert on slutty, sensual Latin dances. :D

Developed in Brazil during the 19th century, the Samba is considered the dance of celebration and joy at Carnival celebrations in Rio. IMO requires neither sensuality or suggestiveness.

The Carnival is all about the sex. :hat1:

Who in the US is with Krylova / Camerlengo ? :P

Hubbell/Donohue (there's probably more but can't recall them at the moment).

06-18-2012, 01:05 PM
None of the current female ice dancers compare to Navka, IMO.
Headband power :navkos1:

:navkos1: Power to the diva. She is still better than any lady out there.

06-18-2012, 01:24 PM
:navkos1: Power to the diva. She is still better than any lady out there.

She is, but she was not as good as her predecessors Krylova and Grishuk.

It is officially the off-season. :shuffle:

06-18-2012, 02:44 PM
Who in the US is with Krylova / Camerlengo ? :P

Aside from hubbell/donohue, Aldridge and eaton are also with krylova/camerlengo. They finished 3rd at world juniors..

06-18-2012, 03:09 PM
Maybe Boy Hubbell & new partner too?

06-18-2012, 03:15 PM
Maybe Boy Hubbell & new partner too?

Yes, they are at DSC as are Bonacorsi/Lorello.

06-18-2012, 03:29 PM
I believe the new team of Hawayek/Baker also

06-18-2012, 03:56 PM
Maybe now some teams will move to Shpilband from DSC?