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06-01-2012, 04:58 AM
I have to say this as someone in the epicenter of a dementia situation. It is so hard to do all the obvious things people tell you to do. They are right, of course. But then Dad says, "Give me another week to get that paperwork..." and it becomes a month. Or "Let's get a nurse to come in.." and it never happens even after you do the calling. If you aren't the medical executor, you have no power. Everyone gives great advice, and it is so much appreciated. But being right here....it's not that easy.

Even if you have the medical power of attorney, you cannot force your parent to see a doctor. You really can't do anything until you have an official, written diagnosis from a physician saying that the parent has dementia and is incompetent to make medical decisions. That has to be the first step, and it's usually a massive chore.

Been there, done that, know exactly what you mean about people giving advice. But I'm going to give some anyway--focus all your attention on getting an official diagnosis of dementia. Until then, you can't do a thing. After that, all kinds of people will help. But no one can do anything for you until you have that diagnosis.